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Dual Degree/Credential Program for Future Teachers

Students collaborating on a class project representing the Curry College 5th Year M.Ed. degreeTwo degrees, two credentials, five years...

The 5th Year M.Ed. degree program, or the Dual-Degree Program for Future Teachers is an "honor's level" program designed for committed and qualified students who want to become teachers. It features the opportunity to earn an Education bachelor's degree and a Master of Education degree in five years, plus two teaching credentials - one to teach at the elementary school level, and the second to teach children with moderate disabilities (grades preK - 8).

Where Can a Dual Degree & Credential Take You?

Curry graduates do meaningful work in public school districts across Massachusetts and the nation, including:

  • Boston Public Schools
  • Gloucester Public Schools
  • Milton Public Schools
  • New Bedford Public Schools
  • Plymouth Public Schools
  • Quincy Public Schools

...and many more.

Course Requirements and Information

Dual-Degree Program Benefits

Savings over entering the master's degree program after graduation amount to more than $8,000!

The Dual-Degree Program for Future Teachers offers the other following benefits:

  • Early admission to the Education major
  • Earn a first credential as you complete your bachelor's degree
  • Early admission to the Master of Education program in your senior year
  • Earn a second credential as you complete your M.Ed.
  • The opportunity for an early field experience (sophomore year)
  • Priority acceptance into a study-abroad program in your sophomore year (optional)
  • Cost savings equivalent to five graduate courses over a traditional master's student
  • Broad experience in a variety of settings
  • Deep understanding of best teaching practices
  • Two degrees, two credentials
  • Enhanced potential for teaching job opportunities

Qualified students who are interested in this opportunity are accepted into the program as entering first year students. Those who maintain academic and disposition standards described above are guaranteed a spot in the Education major (usually determined at the end of the sophomore year) and in the Master of Education program (usually determined after completing an undergraduate degree).

As you finish your bachelor's degree, you are able to take graduate courses in each semester of your senior year, the cost of which are covered by your undergraduate tuition.

Eligibility and invitation process for direct entry from high school:

  • High school GPA of 3.0
  • Completed application and interview with a Department of Education faculty member
  • Demonstrated disposition appropriate to a teacher and a commitment to the field of education

Eligibility and application process for Curry students:

Curry students enrolled in the Undergraduate Education Public School Licensure major have the opportunity to enter the 5th Year M.Ed. program in their sophomore year providing the following requirements are met:

  • A Curry College minimum GPA of a 3.4 in the spring of your Sophomore year
  • Application process including interview with the Graduate Director of Education and essay
  • Review of disposition portfolio
  • Passing MTEL scores - CLST, as well as evidence of continuous MTEL progress on the other applicable tests

The priority application deadline for the 5th Year M.Ed. program is July 15 of a student’s freshman year of study. Students interested in learning more about the 5th Year M.Ed. program may contact Dr. Giordana Basta, Director of the Master of Education program at

Apply Today

Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL)
Title II, Section 207 of the Higher Education Act requires all institutions with teacher preparation programs that enroll students who receive federal financial assistance to prepare annual reports on teacher preparation and licensing.

Note: Curry College had a 100% pass rate for all program completers during the 2021-2022 reporting year.

Information about Curry pass rates is available upon request by contacting the Licensure Officer/Title II Coordinator, (617) 333-2196.

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure are administered Monday-Saturday at designated test centers in Massachusetts and in many states each academic year. Additional information regarding all state testing is available through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education,  Office of Educator Licensure, 75 Pleasant Street Malden, MA 02148-9140; Telephone: (781) 338-6600; For additional information about Curry College's testing requirements, please contact Curry College Licensure Officer at 617-333-2196.


  1. Plan thoughtful, appropriate learning experiences that meet group and individual needs aligned with workplace expectations and state / federal / agency frameworks or guidelines.
  2. Carry out well-developed plans and assess regularly and systematically both individual outcomes and the quality of instruction.
  3. Establish, manage, and maintain effective learning environments with attention to positive social, emotional, physical and cognitive climates.
  4. Promote equity through culturally responsive practices and to continually seek to deepen one's knowledge and understanding within a constantly changing society.  This includes, but is not limited to, the complexity and interaction of the following: achievement, individual gifts learning situations and content, family structures, race and cultural identity, gender, abilities/disabilities, varied learning styles across varied learning situations and content, socio-economic status, religion, language and linguistic differences.
  5. Demonstrate professionalism and leadership toward a just society.
    1. understand his/her legal and moral responsibilities
    2. advocate for the health and well being of all
    3. demonstrate reflective practices as a means to grow and to question
    4. hold a disposition toward critical analysis and evaluation of ever-changing practices, (including technologies), processes, content,  and oral forms
    5. demonstrate the  ability to communicate one's ideas clearly in written and oral forms

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