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Curry College First-Year Faculty members converse with a First-Year student

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Guiding your First-Year

Curry's talented and caring professors are deeply committed to our students, both inside the classroom and beyond.  You will find your professors who teach first year classes advising clubs, attending shows, cheering at games, and eating lunch with you in our Student Center.

Your academic advisor will also play an important guide to you in your first year. Your advisor is a faculty member at Curry who will know you as an individual. You will meet with him/her several times during the first year to help you plan your academic program, reflect on your goals and how to reach them, and engage in thoughtful conversation about your learning. Your advisor can help give you insights about your career goals, guidance on finding resources, and tools to achieve success. Use your advisor as a partner and mentor in the learning process, and you will find a true ally in helping you develop life-long skills.

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Melissa Anyiwo – Politics & History
Maria Bacigalupo - PAL
Jennifer Balboni – SOC/CJ
Anne Benoit – Academic Enrichment
Johanna Burgess – Library
Dale Carberry – Education
Aaron Daniels - Psychology
Heather Davis – Fine Arts
Jeannette DeJong - Humanities
Katharine Eastman – Library
Tony Fabrizio – Business
Mike Foster – Academic Enrichment
Jessica Fry - Science
Deanna Gordon – Applied Computing
Phillip Hulbig - PAL
Karen Hussar - Psychology
James Jabbour - Science
Rebecca Kendall  - SOC/CJ
Chris McCusker – Applied Computing
Sandra O'Neil – SOC/CJ
Nicole Parsons - PAL
Si Pearman – General Education
Alan Revering – General Education
Julia Sloan – General Education
Rob Smid - Humanities
Ryan Theroux – First Year Studies
Beth Wade - Science
Stephanie Walker – Science
Diane Webber – PAL
Melissa Weinstein – Public Health

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Courses and Faculty

Diverse Perspectives on Childhood and Adolescence:  

Pebble Brooks, Associate Professor of Education
Kara Provost, Professor, Academic Enrichment Center
Melissa Weinstein, Assistant Professor of Education and Community Health & Wellness

Earth 2040:

Alan Revering – General Education

Empowering Ourselves and Our World: Living Sustainably in the 21 st Century:

Efram Burk, Professor of Fine & Applied Arts
Aaron Daniels, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Mike Foster, Senior Lecturer, Academic Enrichment Center
Rob Smid, Senior Lecturer of Philosophy & Religion


Jeannette DeJong, Senior Lecturer, Foreign Languages
John Hill, Professor Emeritus of Politics & History
Julia Sloan, Professor & Director of General Education

Honors Student First Year Inquiry - Influences of Culture :

Sarah Augusto, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Sociology
Christine Bennett-Richard, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts & Applied Arts
Jayson Baker, Assistant Professor of Communication
Mia Khera, Professor of Psychology
Rob Smid, Senior Lecturer of Philosophy & Religion

The Lives of the Great and Not So Famous:

Pat Bonarrigo, Senior Lecturer, Academic Enrichment
Chistopher McCusker, Assistant Professor, Fine & Applied Arts
Si Pearman, Professor & First Year Coordinator
Julia Sloan, Professor & Director of General Education
Ryan Theroux, Associate Professor of First Year Studies
Melissa Weinstein, Assistant Professor, Public Health & Wellness

The Monstrous Within & Without: 

Melissa Anyiwo, Professor of Politics & History
Aaron Daniels, Lecturer, Psychology
Rob Smid, Senior Lecturer, Philosophy & Religious Studies

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