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Guiding your First-Year

First-year student speaks to faculty

Curry's talented and caring professors are deeply committed to our students, both inside the classroom and beyond.  You will find your professors who teach first year classes advising clubs, attending shows, cheering at games, and eating lunch with you in our Student Center.

Your academic advisor will also play an important guide to you in your first year. Your advisor is a faculty member at Curry who will know you as an individual. You will meet with him/her several times during the first year to help you plan your academic program, reflect on your goals and how to reach them, and engage in thoughtful conversation about your learning. Your advisor can help give you insights about your career goals, guidance on finding resources, and tools to achieve success. Use your advisor as a partner and mentor in the learning process, and you will find a true ally in helping you develop life-long skills.

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Dr. Ryan Theroux

Meet Dr. Ryan Theroux

Fueled by the outstanding mentorship he received throughout his academic career, Gen Ed Professor Ryan Theroux is on a mission to provide the same experience for Curry College students. “It’s about belonging. It's about people. It's about community. It's about feeling welcome and that's what you're going to remember. You're going to remember someone that really influenced you or played a big part in your life at a very vulnerable time. That’s what it's all about.”

Jumpstart Your Future at Curry

Getting your college career off to a good start is a terrific way of setting yourself up for a good finish. Learn more how Curry’s First-Year Experience sets you up for success.