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A PAL for Multilingual Student places a pin in a map

The Program for Advancement of Learning has faculty with expertise to work with multilingual students who also have learning differences. This population includes international students, students who have been raised in bilingual homes, bilingual students from other U.S. territories (like Puerto Rico), and adoptees from other countries raised by English-speaking families. Our faculty are trained to target the additional and unique needs of these students with learning disabilities. We work with advising, academic language skills, as well as the development of successful learning strategies for making the transition to studying in a new cultural environment.

Value Added Services

PAL for International and Multilingual Students Mentor/Instructor
Student progress is carefully monitored by the PAL professor who serves as a mentor and instructor as the student moves to better understand the learning outcomes based curriculum.

Academic Advising
The PAL professor typically serves as academic advisor to develop an individual curriculum plan for each student.

Faculty Liaison
The PAL professor serves as a communication link with other faculty for academic and cultural concerns.

Peer Support Group
Students from a variety of cultural backgrounds provide support and friendship as well as assistance in cultural transitions.

Personalized Orientation
Specialized information for international students is an important part of the PAL experience.

Individually Designed Curriculum Plan
Curry College offers courses to help students develop academic skills while pursuing their college degree. Among these offerings are:

  • Academic Skills Classes
  • Developmental Reading and Writing

Enhance Your Learning Opportunities

Thousands of students have launched their dreams through PAL. Take the next step to learn whether you’re a good fit for our award-winning accessible learning program.