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Curry College student pursuing a Business Administration degree networking with employer

Not a traditional undergraduate student? Visit our continuing education Business degree program...

A Business Administration degree can take you nearly anywhere – from Fortune 500 companies, to startups, and to our new, innovative 5th Year MBA.

Study accounting, economics, finance, technology, quantitative analysis, business law, marketing, organizational behavior, and ethics. Understand global business, and become a creative problem-solver.

Curry’s Business Administration degree can help you become a leader in any industry you choose.

Course Requirements and Information

Note: A minimum grade of C is expected in any required Business Administration course. Grades of C- or below signal inadequate performance, are cause for concern (as are Business Administration course grades of 'W' Withdrawal, and 'IN' Incomplete), and will trigger action by the Department's Academic Review Board.


BUS 1000 Intro to Business 3
BUS 2000 Management Theory and Practice 3
ACNT 1010 Financial Accounting (Prereq: Math Assessment) 3
ACNT 1011 Managerial Accounting 3
BUS 1610 Economics: Macro 3
BUS 1611 Economics: Micro 3

Major Core Requirements:

BUS 2150 Quantitative Methods and Analytics
BUS 2250 Business Law 3
BUS 2550 Operations Management 3
BUS 2520 Marketing Management 3
BUS 2570 Financial Management 3
BUS 3930 Management of International Business 3
BUS 3950 Business Ethics 3
BUS 3980 Senior Seminar: Management Policy 3
MIS 1010 Managing with Information Systems 3
ACNT/MIS/BUS Electives at the 2000/3000-level 6

Pre- or Co-requisites:

AC 2764 Business Presentations (for BUS 1000) 3
MATH 1150 Statistics I (for BUS 2150) 3
Total Credits: 6


BUS 3450 Business Administration Internship and Seminar 1-9
BUS 3900 Special Project in Business Administration 3

(Note: 3 credits of BUS 3450, and 3 credits of BUS 3900 may count as 2000-3000 level electives in Business Administration.)

BUS 1000 Intro to Business 3
ACNT 1010 Financial Accounting 3
BUS 1610 Economics: Macro 3
ACNT/MIS/BUS Electives at the 2000/3000-level 12
Total: 21

Note: The approval of A. Fabrizio must be obtained.

Junior and Senior Business Administration majors are encouraged to consider BUS 3450 to strengthen their resumes.
(3 credits of BUS 3450 may count as a 2000/3000-level elective in Business Administration.)


  1. EXP 2340, Introduction to Experiential Learning, completed with a grade of C or better;
  2. A 3.00 average in Business Administration;
  3. A 2.75 cumulative (overall) average;
  4. An approved application (see BUS 3450 description).

Note: The approval of A. Fabrizio/M. Perrault must be obtained.

Senior majors should consider BUS 3900 to focus their chosen concentrations.
(3 credits of BUS 3900 may count as a 2000/3000-level elective in Business Administration.)


  1. A 3.00 average in Business Administration;
  2. A 2.75 cumulative (overall) average;
  3. An approved proposal (see BUS 3900 description).

Note: The approval of A. Fabrizio must be obtained.

Program Level Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will be able to apply the fundamental principles in the functional areas of business.
  2. Students will be able to integrate the functional areas of business and the broader community to informed decision making.
  3. Students will be able to apply ethical principles to leadership and management decisions.
  4. Students will be able to apply fundamental quantitative and qualitative support tools for decision-making.
  5. Students will be able to demonstrate effective professional communication skills as individuals and as productive members of teams.
  6. Students will be able to explain the global dimensions of business in a diverse environment.

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