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Professor helps a student in class pursuing a Public Health and Wellness degree at Curry CollegeHow is the relationship between health and human rights defined? What is the leading cause of mortality in the US? How can you help marginalized populations get the care they need?

You’ll be able to answer these questions and many more and put that knowledge to good use by pursuing a Public Health and Wellness degree from Curry College. 

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health & Wellness focuses on the natural sciences, environmental health, public health research, and/or medicine.  This major is ideal for students who are interested in pursuing professional careers that include:

  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Epidemiology
  • Physician's assistant
  • Physical therapy
  • Biostatistics

We are proud of our program's interdisciplinary approach to health and wellness as our students must master both the natural and social sciences, providing them with a diverse understanding of public health prevention and research. In addition, our students are encouraged to embrace the diversity found in the human mosaic, cultural competence, health equity, and social justice, as these are increasingly important in the field of public health and wellness.

The Public Health and Wellness degree program has foundations in the biological, psychological, social, and behavioral sciences, and prepares students who are interested in gaining employment in the growing health industry for careers working with individuals, hospitals, communities, worksites, or wellness centers, or in the local, state, or federal government.

This Bachelor of Science degree prepares the graduate who is interested in a variety of science-related fields, including but not limited to epidemiology, environmental health, nursing, physical therapy, health research, physician assistance, or medicine.

Course Requirements and Information

The program includes 24 hours of health courses and 15 hours of electives, which are designed to provide the student with the competencies desirable for future employment. Advisors are available.


BIOL 1075 Anatomy & Physiology I 3
BIOL 1085 Anatomy & Physiology II 3
BIOL 1175 Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 1
BIOL 1185 Anatomy & Physiology II Lab 1
CHEM 1001 Chemical Concepts* 3
CHEM 1002 Chemical Concepts Lab* 1
HW 1000 Personal Health 3
MATH 1150 Statistics I 3

*may be taken pass/fail


Students must complete the 30 credits in this major. An additional 15 elective credits must be completed; these will be  selected in conjunction with an advisor to prepare the student for his/her area of interest.

HW 1001 Principles of Health & Wellness 3
HW 2000 Foundations of Community Health 3
HW 2010 Health Behavior, Education, and Promotion 3
HW 2200 Social Determinants 3
HW 2*** Global Health 3
HW 3*** Public Health Advocacy and Policy 3
HW 3000 Introduction to Epidemiology 3
HW 3010 Senior Seminar in Health & Wellness 3

Requirements in related areas:

BIOL 2215 Environmental Science 3
MATH 2150 Statistics II 3


15 Credits from the following courses
Students can take no more than six (6) credit hours of those electives from one area. For example, a student cannot take all fifteen credit hours from the Biology category. Rather, they may take up to six (6) credits in Biology in order to fulfill this requirement. Classes taken as an elective may not also count toward any minor. Upon approval of the coordinator, students may use a course that is not listed in the course catalog.

Academic Enrichment:

AE 2000 Peer Teaching in the Disciplines 3
AE 2150 Study Abroad Seminar 3

Black Studies:

AFAM 2012 Race and Religion in America 3
AFAM 2330 African-American History 3
AFAM 3050 Race, Class, Gender, and Health 3


BIOL 2010 Microbiology 4
BIOL 2030 Human Disease 3
BIOL 2060 Introduction to Exercise Physiology 3
BIOL 2120 Biology of the Mind 3
BIOL 2450 Human Sexuality 3
BIOL 2520 Nutrition 3

Business Administration:

BUS 2263 Health Care Law 3
BUS 2410 Sports and Recreation Management 3


COM 2020 Intercultural Communication 3
COM 2150 Health Communication 3

Community Health and Wellness:

HW 1500 Stress Reduction Based on Mindfulness 3
HW 2150 Introduction to Holistic Health 3
HW 2520 Nutrition 3
HW 3020 Current Issues in Health and Wellness 3
HW 3030 Introduction to Public Health 3
HW 3050 Race, Class, and Gender 3

Criminal Justice:

CJ 2120 Social Justice and Incarceration 3
CJ 2402 Domestic Violence 3
CJ 3404 Sociology of Violence 3


ED 2161 Educational Psychology 3


ENG 2280 Literature of Death and Dying 3
ENG 3440 Therapeutic Uses of Writing 3


NSG 2200 Pathophysiology 3
NSG 2500 Pharmacology 3
NSG 3031 Mental Health Nursing 3
NSG 3032 Population Health 3
NSG 3470 Health Policy Finance 3

Philosophy and Religious Studies:

PRS 2320 Life, Death, and Philosophy 3
PRS 2420 Ethics for Nurses and Health Professionals 3
PRS 2410 Environmental Ethics 3
PRS 2430 Religion and Science 3
PRS 2541 Race and Religion in America 3

Physical Education:

PE 1217 The Science of Weight Management 3
PE 2500 Physical Awareness: A Wellness Approach 3

Politics and History:

P&H 2270 Environment and Social Movements 3


PSY 2060 Aging and the Life Cycle 3
PSY 2070 Motivation 3
PSY 2100 Adolescent Psychology 3
PSY 2106 Psychology of Women 3
PSY 2115 Men, Self & Society 3
PSY 2125 Substance Use Counseling 3
PSY 2200 Behavior Disorders in Children 3
PSY 2220 Death, Dying and Bereavement 3
PSY 2330 Drugs and Behavior 3
PSY 2400 Human Development 3
PSY 2450 Human Sexuality 3
PSY 2500 Behavior Change: Theory and Practice 3
PSY 2800 Social Psychology 3
PSY 3100 Psychology of Learning 3
PSY 3120 Counseling Theory 3
PSY 3130 Brain and Behavior 3
PSY 3350 Health Psychology 3


SOC 2060 Aging and the Life Cycle 3
SOC 2115 Men, Self, & Society 3
SOC 2220 Death, Dying and Bereavement 3
SOC 2310 Intro to Social Work Practice 3
SOC 2402 Domestic Violence 3
SOC 2410 Working with Individuals 3
SOC 2420 Working with Groups 3
SOC 2452 Sex & Gender 3
SOC 2650 Sociology of Health and Health Care 3
SOC 2660 Sociology of Women 3
SOC 3390 Crisis Intervention 3
SOC 3404 Sociology of Violence 3
SOC 3610 Communities 3

Women's and Gender Studies:

WGS 2000 Gendered Lives 3

Goals and Objectives:

Our program objectives have been adapted from student learning outcomes created by the Association of School and Programs of Public Health.

Program Goals:

Our program goals include providing an education that will enable the Public Health & Wellness graduate to:

  1. Articulate the principles of health and wellness from the natural sciences perspective including biological and chemical sciences
  2. Acquire a proficiency in quantitative, informational, media, and technological literacy
  3. Cultivate an aptitude for scientific method and inquiry
  4. Explore the relationship between social justice, human rights, and health.
  5. Increase the capacity to work within teams and dedication to public health leadership.

Program Objectives:

The Public Health & Wellness graduate will be able to:

  1. Describe the interrelationship between natural and social sciences and their combined impact on health and well-being.
  2. Debate the relationship between social justice, human rights, and health.
  3. Discuss political and policy implications of public health.
  4. Articulate health and well-being through scientific and epidemiological language.
  5. Teach individuals, communities, and populations about health and well-being.

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