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Enrollment Deposit Deadline

In order to secure your enrollment for the Fall 2024 (September) semester at Curry College, please be sure to submit your enrollment deposit (non-refundable after May 1).

Make a Deposit

Your enrollment deposit can be made in person, by mail to the admission office, or online through our secure partner Flywire. Flywire can process checking and savings transactions as well as all major credit cards online.

Commuter New Student Deposit $200

Resident New Student Deposit $500

Once your deposit has been received and your enrollment has been confirmed, additional information will become available on the myCurry Portal, including access to the New Student Checklist, which goes live in April 2024. Please check your portal often as new forms and/or information will be posted on an ongoing basis. It is essential that you complete each item in a timely manner and by any designated deadline. Resident students must complete the House Agreement Form by June 1, 2024 or be at risk of not being placed in housing for the fall term.

NOTE: Students accepted into the Nursing program should be aware that although our general deadline for enrollment is May 1, we may cease acceptance of deposits into the Nursing program well before that date. Therefore, enrollment into the Nursing program will be granted based on the date that the admission office receives your deposit, with space granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Conditions of Your Acceptance to Curry College

Your acceptance to Curry College is contingent upon successful completion of your high school graduation requirements, your receipt of a diploma or equivalency, and your remaining in good and unconditional standing in all aspects of your enrollment at your current school(s). As an admitted student, you are also expected to conduct yourself in a college-ready manner consistent with Curry College’s policies and expectations for its students, including those set forth in the Student Handbook at If any of these conditions are not met, the College may withdraw its offer of acceptance and deny your admission to the College. If you become subject to any discipline process by a school or your status at any school changes for any reason, or if information that you provided to the College in your application materials is no longer accurate, you must inform the College immediately by sending a written notification to me describing your change of status and/or disciplinary matter. The College may take action to withdraw its offer of acceptance and deny your admission to (or continued enrollment at) the College, based upon this information (or failure to report these changes as required).