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We value the experience and maturity that transfer students offer to the college community.  With years of experience servicing transfer students’ needs, we offer a hassle-free process to transfer applicants and a smooth transition into our diverse program offerings. Connect with your Transfer Admission Counselor by contacting

Instant Transfer Admission Decision and Credit Evaluation

Massachusetts (MA) Guarantee Transfer Partnership

The Massachusetts (MA) Guarantee is a transfer partnership between Massachusetts community colleges and participating four-year colleges and universities, including Curry College. Eligible community college graduates are able to transfer seamlessly - admission guaranteed!

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Important Information:

Transferring to Curry College is a smooth process. All incoming transfer students are encouraged to join us for a Transfer Visit Day, occurring every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. through the end of July:

Additional items are required for students applying to the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) and for International Students.

*NOTE: SAT, SAT 1, ACT scores are NOT required

Q:  Does Curry College admit transfer students into the nursing program?

A:   The number of accepted transfer nursing students varies each year, depending on the number of spaces available in the program.  Applicants are accepted on the merit of their coursework and not on the timing of when their application is received.

Q:  What prerequisite courses are needed to apply?

A:   For application consideration, you must successfully complete the following three prerequisite courses (receive the grade of C+ or higher the first time the course is completed):

  • Anatomy and Physiology I (4 credits)
  • Anatomy and Physiology II (4 credits)
  • Chemistry with Lab (4 credits)

Each course must be taken at an accredited college or university.  If any of the prerequisite courses were failed and/or repeated at other institutions, the applicant will not be considered for admission to the Nursing program at Curry College.

Q:  What is the application deadline for the fall semester?

A:   July 1 is the deadline for the fall semester.  Although the Admission Office operates on a rolling admission basis for all other programs, decisions are not made on the transfer nursing applications until after July 1.

Q: When will I hear of a decision on my application?

A:  Applicants for the nursing program will not be notified of a decision until the number of spaces available is known.  Each year, at the end of June, we are notified of how many spaces are available in the nursing program.  At that time, if space is available, we are able to make admission decisions.

Q: If admitted, how long will it take for me to finish this program?

A:  Due to clinical rotations and nursing course sequences, the traditional nursing program will take at least three years to finish, regardless of the number of credits previously completed.

Q:  Can I start the program in the spring semester?

A:   No, nursing students are only accepted for the fall semester.  There is no spring semester option for prospective nursing students.

Q:  May I attend part-time?

A:   No, the nursing program is only offered as a full-time, traditional day program.

Q:  Can I start in another major and then transfer into the nursing major after I enroll at Curry?

A:  No, once enrolled at Curry College for another major, including undecided students, a student may not internally transfer into the nursing program.  An applicant must be accepted directly into the nursing program.

Q:  English is not my first language. Do I need to submit standardized test scores?

A:  Yes, a student whose first language is not English must submit a TOEFL with a minimum score of 550 (paper test), 213 (computer test), or 80 (internet test.) There will be no exceptions to this policy, even if applicants have successfully completed an ESL course.

Q:  Does Curry College require the TEAS exam?

A:  No, Curry College does not require transfer nursing applicants to submit the results of the TEAS exam.

Q:  Where do nursing students perform their clinical rotations?

A:  Nursing Students complete their clinical rotations at all major teaching hospitals as well as in other health care facilities in Boston and the surrounding area.  Beginning sophomore year, you gain experience in a wide range of urban and suburban institutions as you complete your five semesters of required clinical work.

Q:  What if I already have my RN license?

A:   If you already have your RN license and are looking to complete a Bachelor of Science degree, please contact the Division of Continuing Education at Curry College at (617) 333-2364 to learn more about the RN to BS program.

Q:  What if I already have a Bachelor's Degree, but am looking to go back for a second degree in Nursing?

A:   If you already have a Bachelor's degree, you should consider the Accelerated Nursing Program, a 16-month program offered through the Division of Continuing Education at Curry College.

If you have previously been accepted to Curry College as a Traditional Undergraduate, create an application account and update your application record.  We will notify you of any new or additional items that are needed to complete your application.

Curry College is proud to offer Merit-based scholarships to transfer students, renewable up to three additional years provided you have continuous enrollment as a full-time, degree seeking student, maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average and remain in good standing academically and for student conduct. No additional application or FAFSA is required to be eligible for merit scholarships. Resident students may also be eligible for a Residential Award. Students who file the FAFSA may qualify for need-based aid in addition to a merit scholarship. If you qualify for a merit scholarship, you will be notified at the time of admission.

Learn more about Merit Scholarships for Transfer Students

As of 2010, Curry College and Massasoit Community College have created the 2+2 Transfer Agreement between Massasoit Community College's Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and Curry College's Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Criminal Justice.

This opportunity combines the benefits of a Massasoit Associate's Degree with the advantages of a Curry Bachelor's Degree. Students graduating from the Massasoit 2+2 Criminal Justice Program are guaranteed acceptance into the Curry College Criminal Justice Bachelor of Arts Program. Curry College will also offer a renewable Merit Transfer Scholarship in the amount of $6,500 for Criminal Justice students who have graduated from Massasoit with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Curry College has established a Joint Admission Agreement with Dean College. If you are a current student at Dean College who is interested in Curry College, please meet with your advisor about this enrollment plan.

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