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Students walking on the Quad representing Undergraduate Admission at Curry College


At Curry, our international student body brings a cultural richness to our campus. Our commitment to our international students includes individual attention to assure a smooth transition to college and life in the United States, and to assist you with your educational goals.

We will work with as you are considering our College as well as throughout the application process.  We will also help you navigate the U.S. government immigration policies.  It is our goal to assist you as you interpret these complex rules and regulations, and to support you in the attainment and maintenance of your legal status. 

The U.S. government requires all international students to meet strict eligibility requirements prior to being granted a student visa and also during their stay in the United States. For specific information pertaining to U.S. immigration policies and procedures, please refer to the government websites below:

For current international students seeking information on maintaining your status and accessing resources off and on campus, please visit the International Students page.

Important Information:

Requirements for International Students

  • Fill out either the online application or our printable application, along with a non-refundable fee of $50.00
  • An official high school transcript, translated and evaluated, and if applicable, official GSCE examination scores
  • A letter of recommendation from guidance counselor or high school teacher
  • A college essay
  • If English is not your first language and you are applying to the Nursing or Education programs, you will be required to submit results of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) examination or IELTS.
  • If English is your first language you must submit your SAT and/or ACT scores directly from the appropriate testing agency.


If English is not your first language, you must submit official TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores. We accept TOEFL and IELTS. Listed below are the scores we are looking for:

TOEFL: must be 80 or higher
Nursing 85 or higher

IELTS: must be a 6.0 or higher
Nursing 6.5 or higher 

Document Translated and Evaluated

All international educational transcripts and certificates must be translated into English AND evaluated by an accredited agency that specializes in international educational evaluations, such as the Center for Educational Documentation (CED) which is located in Boston, (617) 338-7171, Additional accredited agencies can be found at

Flywire offers multiple international payment options for over 100 countries. Students and payers will be able to track their payments online from start to finish, save on bank fees and exchange rates, and contact Flywire's 24x7 multilingual Customer Support Team.

Make an International Payment to Curry College with Flywire:

Flywire Payment Button

Video: Making Secure Payments through Flywire - Virtual Orientation 2020

24/7 Multilingual Customer Support

Phone: 1-800-346-9252
International Phone Numbers & Frequently Asked Questions

As an international student planning your travel to Curry, we recommend you plan to fly into Logan International Airport located in Boston, Massachusetts, just 13 miles from our campus.

Transportation options upon arrival:

Hotel Accommodations

For families travelling with your student, the closest hotel is the Homewood Suites located at 50 Royall Street Canton, MA 781-828-470.  This hotel is located two miles from our campus.

If you are travelling to campus without family, please contact the Admission Office at or call 617-333-2210 regarding travel arrangements such as your arrival date and time.

We look forward to your arrival!

International students are able to reside in our on-campus residence halls throughout their time at Curry College.  First-year international students will be placed in the North Campus Residence Hall.  This space allows students to have access to kitchens, common spaces, direct access to a professional staff member and residency within a community of both first-year and second-year students. 

International students may have U.S. roommates or other international roommates. The experience of having a U.S. roommate may be rewarding because it provides each student with the opportunity to learn about the other's culture.  Residence Life & Housing is committed to providing the best possible experience for our new international students in residence and will work with each of them to work on their transition to living with their new roommate upon arrival at Curry. 

The College's residence halls close during the following time periods; Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Break.  There are limited opportunities for students to stay on campus and Residence Life & Housing is committed to working with all students who live outside of a reasonable distance from the Boston area, especially our international students. 

All international resident students must be enrolled in a college meal plan.  International residents will also have access to kitchen space within NCRH (for their first semester on campus) to prepare any meals they wish to on their own.  Students are encouraged to work with Dining Services should they have any special dietary needs (allergy, religious, etc.)

All International Students are required to have health insurance. You can opt into the schools health care but it is important you look at multiple plans to make sure you use the right one for you. Below is the link to our Health Services Office.  Additional information can be found here.

The Healthcare System in the United States

The health care system in the United States is much different than in most other countries. Instead of Government paid care which is available in many countries, each person has to pay for his or her own medical care in the United States. Whether you need to see a doctor, obtain prescription medication, have lab procedures done or if you're admitted to the hospital for any serious illness or injury, you will be required to pay some portion of the cost.

In the United States, Health Insurance helps to cover the costs of such visits and prescription medications which typically can range from $150 for seeing a doctor to over $30,000 per day for those admitted to a hospital.

Without insurance, the person would be responsible for paying all those costs. With insurance, the person is required to pay some portion (called a co-pay) for these costs. It is critical to have health insurance which will helps those who need medical care better afford the U.S. health care system. Students are required to carry health insurance and they also must comply with the Massachusetts immunization requirements.

As an international student it is important to know the U.S. Government does not pay any part of any medical expenses for international students and it is a violation of immigration laws for F-1, F-2, J-1 and J-2 students and their dependents to accept public assistance. It is very important that you sign up for an insurance plan prior to enrolling at the College or becoming ill or injured.

An admitted student must also report to the Curry College Office of Admissions if he or she becomes subject to any discipline process by a school or if his or her status at any school changes for any reason, or if information that was provided to the College in application materials is no longer accurate. The College may take action to withdraw its offer of acceptance and deny admission to (or continued enrollment at) the College, based upon this information (or failure to report these changes as required).

PLEASE NOTE:  At Curry College, we prepare our students to engage in active citizenship. Therefore, the College supports the rights of prospective students to participate in peaceful protests without concern that it will impact their admission to the College.

Once you have submitted your deposit you will be contacted by the International Student Advisor who will walk you through the processes of applying for your visa. Here are the forms that you will need to complete (Download from the 'Required Forms' accordion on this page):

  • Certificate of Finance - if you have not already done so
  • ISVDR form

The Certificate of Finance is a form from your bank stating you have enough in an account to cover one year's cost at Curry College. This form must be sent by certified mail and cannot be sent by email. The address to send it to is:

Curry College
Attention: International Student Advisor
1071 Blue Hill Avenue
Milton, MA 02186

The ISVDR form can be emailed to

After we have received the above forms your I-20 will be created and sent by certified mail. You take the I-20 and make an appointment with the consulate in your home country to apply for a visa. It is important you call your consulate because each country is different on what you need to bring to the appointment.

Transferring an I-20 from another college or high school

You must download and fill out the "Transfer In" form (from the 'Required Forms' accordion above on this page).  You and your school's International Student Advisor should fill this out together.  Email this back to the ISA and I will send you your Curry College I-20. It is important to note that some border patrol want to see the visa matching the school on the I-20. It is recommended that even if your visa is not set to expire you should renew it at your consulate in your home country, with the current schools name.  As always contact your consulate to find out what you need to bring. 

If you have questions you can contact the Admission Office at

Curry College offers an innovative first-year cohort/bridge model for English Speakers of Other Languages (ESoL) which transitions and supports academically qualified domestic and international students with ESoL needs related to critical reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Students in this cohort take select courses in their first semester. In the fall, students are enrolled in the linked courses, listed below. They will also be taking Gen Ed courses and the initial courses in their majors.

AE 1030 - American Culture & Language I
This course focuses on improvement of English skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening to support college-level work.

AE 1050 - Read Around the World
This course focuses on reading strategies that can be applied to any reading task to help students better engage in, critically read, and understand a variety of texts.

AE 1070 - Discovering Boston
This course explores the history, culture, and urban environment of the city of Boston through weekly trips, conversations, and written reflections. During these excursions, students learn about Boston and the United States and develop a group identity.

Students are required to meet once a week with a Writing Specialist in the Writing Center, and where appropriate, meet with a peer conversation partner or peer tutor. An international dinner is planned each semester, where students can show off their culinary skills.

At the end of the first semester, an assessment of their skills is made as they plan for their second semester.