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Maybe you know what you want to do with the rest of your life. Maybe you don’t. Don’t worry – many of our first-year students are undecided. General Education at Curry exposes you to a variety of disciplines, providing a solid foundation from which to select and succeed in any major.

A student performs a science experiment in the Biology lab at Curry College

Majors, Minors, Concentrations

Choose from 28 undergraduate majors, including pre-professional options, and more than 60 minors and concentrations. And at the heart of Curry College's undergraduate curriculum is our General Education (Gen Ed) Program.

Students collaborate in a 5th Year MBA course at Curry College

5th Year Master's Degrees

Our 5th Year Master’s Programs provide you with your Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (MACJ), Master of Business Administration (MBA), or Master of Education (M.Ed.) just one year after you receive your Bachelor’s Degree.

A Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) professor assists a student with assignments at Curry College

Signature Academic Programs

Enhance your personal growth and academic achievement through our signature honors and study abroad programs, and the Program for the Advancement of Learning (PAL).

A Curry College student listens to a Center for Career Development presentation

Academic Resources

Curry College offers a variety of resources to help make your educational experience a personal success. Take advantage of our support services to strengthen your academic portfolio.

A Curry College students smiles while doing a First-Year class assignment

First-Year Experience

Making the transition to college can be a little confusing and lot of fun. During your First-Year Experience at Curry College, we help you smooth out the bumps and put you on the path to success.

Students and faculty in a classroom in the Curry College Learning Commons

The Learning Commons

The Learning Commons and Science and Research Center was designed to support the success of every student at Curry. It provides a space and tools that facilitate the College’s approach to teaching and learning, mentoring and empowering students to help them achieve their ambitions. This powerful new feature of the Curry campus is an embodiment of the College’s mission and strategic vision for the future.

Zoltan Eross ’20, collaborates on a project in the 5th Year MBA Program

Meet Zoltan Eross '20, MBA '21

For Zoltan Eross, the decision to continue graduate school at Curry in the 5th Year MBA Program was a “win-win-win” decision. Getting a Master of Business Administration degree meant he would expand his job prospects, advance his collegiate ice hockey career, and gain new training from his favorite faculty mentors.

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Shea Mathews '20

Meet Shea Mathews '20

As a two-year captain on the Women's Volleyball team, Shea Mathews, Class of 2020, combined her passion for the sport with an equally strong passion for social work, public health, and making a difference in the lives of children. “I don’t think I would be as happy as I am if I hadn’t found public health and been exposed to social work...It’s really allowed me to find my niche in the world.”

Lillie Acoff '21

Meet Lillie Acoff '21

By the time Lillie Acoff, Class of 2021, entered Curry College as a First-Year student, she was already making an impact in her community in Boston, working with families affected by domestic violence. Now, a Sociology major, she’s bringing her passion for making a difference to campus as an orientation leader, a resident assistant, and a mentor for students of color.

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Seth Corwin, Class of 2020

Meet Seth Corwin '20

Seth Corwin's goal? To be an agent for hockey players from high school to the professional ranks. He was recently accepted into his top choice of law schools, the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law, where he will enter the Sports Law program, propelling him one step closer to achieving his dream.

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Libby Mercier '20

Meet Libby Mercier '20

After graduation, Libby Mercier '20 (Communication/PR major, music minor) wants to work in the music industry. “Whether it’s in Los Angeles, New Orleans, or Nashville, I can be helping behind the scenes in public relations or marketing or working directly with artists. I really want to put all of my music knowledge to good use.”

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Cotdell Tuning

Meet Cotdell Tuning '20

Cotdell Tuning, a Biology major and member of the Class of 2020 from West Hartford, CT, President of the Black Student Union (BSU), Vice President of Women In STEM, and contributor to both the Multicultural Student Union (MSU), and Student Government Association (SGA), keeps busy. She ultimately wants to become a surgeon, and has goals to accomplish along the way.

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