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Forensic Science students at Curry College analyze fingerprints

See how we match up.

Curry College offers a wide variety of academic programs, many similar to those offered at Eastern Nazarene College. Below are charts that outline how ENC programs line up with Curry College offerings. ENC students may also benefit from our 5th Year programs, in which you can earn both s bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years.

Anticipated Teach Out: Undergraduate Programs

Eastern Nazarene College Major

Curry College Major

Accounting (BS)

Accounting (BS)

Biochemistry (BS)

Biochemistry (BS)

Biology (BA, BS)

Biology (BA, BS)

Business Administration (BA)

Business Administration (BS)

Computer Science (BA, BS)

Computer Science (BS)

Crime, Law and Justice (BA)

Criminology and Criminal Justice (BA)

Education – Early Childhood (BA)

Early Childhood Education (BA)

Education – Elementary (BA)

Elementary Education (BA)

Education – Special Education (BA)

Special Education (BA)

Environmental Science (BS)

Environmental Science (BS)

Environmental Studies (BA)

Environmental Science (BS)

Finance (BS)

Business Administration – Finance Minor (BS)

Global Business (BS)

Business Administration (BS)

Health Science (BS)

Biology (BA, BS)

Information Technology (BS)

Computer Science (BS)

Management (BS)

Business Administration (BS)

Marketing (BS)

Marketing (BS)

Psychology (BA, BS)

Psychology (BA)

Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BS)

Sport Management (BS)

Sport and Recreation Management (BS)

Anticipated Teach Out: Undergraduate Minors/Concentrations

Eastern Nazarene College Minor

Curry College Minor/Concentration

Digital Marketing


Exercise Science

Individually Initiated Minor

Social Justice

Critical Inequality Studies



Anticipated Teach Out: Graduate Programs

Eastern Nazarene College Graduate Program

Curry College Graduate Program

Master of Education

Master of Education:

  • Elementary Education Licensure Track
  • Special Education Licensure Track (Moderate Disabilities)
  • Diverse and Equitable Instruction

Master of Science in Management

Master of Business Administration

Master of Science in Management – Health Care Administration

Master of Business Administration

Individually Initiated Major (IIM) Options

IIM is not an official teach out program but is an option for Eastern Nazarene College students majoring in programs that are closely aligned to Curry College majors or multiple programs where an interdisciplinary major could be customized for students. ENC students who are interested in exploring the Individually Initiated Major (IIM) as a transfer option can find additional information on our Individually Initiated Major page.

Undecided Students or Eastern Nazarene College Programs NOT Listed Above:

Eastern Nazarene College students who are Undecided can consider all of the transfer program options available at Curry College. For a complete list of majors, please visit our Undergraduate Degrees and Program list.

Please note:  The undergraduate Nursing program does not currently accept transfer students.