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    The student to faculty ratio at Curry

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    Year the Curry PAL Program was established

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    Number of faculty and staff employed at Curry College

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As a student with an LD, my biggest fear in high school was raising my hand in class, and not knowing the answer. But now, especially when I meet with my PAL advisor, I have more confidence and I feel like I'm more prepared to participate in class.

Brandon Traina '11
Major: Criminal Justice

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PAL Faculty News

Senior Lecturer Paula Cocce and Dr. Nancy Winbury recently  presented a workshop on "Helping Students with Learning Differences and ADHD Navigate the College Search" to an audience of approximately 200 guidance counselors, educational consultants, and special education teachers.  This annual workshop on Curry's campus is a collaborative effort between PAL and the Curry Admission Office. 

A book review by Dr. Laurie Fox will appear in the spring issue of The Educational Therapist38(1). The review covers the best-selling title by Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson, The Whole Brain Child:  12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind.

Dr. Fox also recently had a chapter published in the book Enabling Reflective Thinking. The content relates to the Curry Faculty Peer Support Program, which Dr. Fox coordinates. Her chapter is titled "Mutual Mentoring for Faculty Professional Development: A Radical Model."

Dr. Laura Vanderberg, with colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Boston, published an evaluation of an inclusive concurrent enrollment program for students with intellectual disability who are transitioning out of extended secondary special education. Appearing in the research-based journal for the National Association of Special Education Teachers, the study indicates students enrolled in the program improve in self-determination, with increased participation associated with more gains. The programming and evaluation outline promising practices, such as intentional collaboration between special ed. and higher ed., for the postsecondary transition of students with significant challenges that effect development and independence in emerging adulthood.

Dr. Diane Webber recently presented at the 36th Annual Conference on the First Year Experience in Atlanta, GA.  Her presentation was titled "Closing the Gap for Students with Learning Differences:  From IEP to Self-Agency."  Additionally, Dr. Webber will be travelling to Scandinavia in April to explore innovative teaching methods and best practices used with first year students who learn differently.  Her Whiting Foundation Fellowship will support travels to universities in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.  While there, she will facilitate a discussion on "The Self in the Learning Context" at a workshop on Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age at the Centre for Science of Learning and Technology (SLATE) at the University of Bergen, Norway.  She will also be presenting at the University of Stockholm Workshop on Metacognition, Memory, and Higher Order Cognition.  Her presentation is titled "Facilitated Metacognition is Instrumental as Students Transition and Adapt to Academic Challenges in College."

Dr. Winbury, Dr. Vanderberg, & Associate Director of Admission, Michelle Bracken, will be presenting two workshops in southern California in April.  One focuses on the college search process for parents and students with learning differences.  A half-day workshop will address "Helping Students with Learning Differences and ADHD Navigate the College Search" for teachers, guidance counselors, and educational consultants.

Coordinator of the PAL for Multilingual Students (PML) program, Dr. Lynn Abrahams had a book chapter published in the September 2016 Wiley Online Library text New Directions for Teaching and Learning: Transformative Learning and Adult Higher Education. The chapter is titled "The Spiral Road of Transformative Learning Through the Lens of College Students with Learning Differences."  

View the book here...  

Dr. Eileen Wynne Ball ran a 4-day workshop in October 2016 for young adults who stutter. Each participant completed a digital story about a significant event in their lives related to stuttering. The workshop was held at the SAY organization (The Stuttering Association for the Young) in New York City.  

View the book here...

Video: The PAL Difference

You can continue looking the world over for the best possible program to support your learning...but we think you've already found us!  Explore the Curry College PAL Difference...

Free Workshop for High School Students and Their Families

High school students with learning differences and their families are invited to join representatives from Curry College and the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) for an informative evening about the college search process on October 3, 2017. Representatives from the PAL program will include Curry faculty members Paula Cocce and Lori Lubeski.  RSVP via Michelle Bracken, Assistant Director of Admission, at or call (617) 333-2210.

Free Workshop for Guidance Counselors and Educational Consultants

The internationally renowned Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) at Curry College is pleased to present this free workshop for guidance counselors and educational consultants, offered on Friday, January 26, 2018. Help students prepare for the college search process by attending a workshop that explores the issues facing students with learning disabilities. RSVP ONLINE TODAY!

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