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A student relaxes in the Mind Spa

The Mind Spa is a relaxation room located within the Counseling Center and offers a quiet and reflective space for students to practice stress reduction activities. The room offers a massage chair, light therapy lamp for seasonal depression and access to self-help tools and software to help reduce stress.

The goal of the Mind Spa is to give students an opportunity to engage in relaxation and stress reduction strategies that are different from the traditional psychotherapy and counseling services offered by the Counseling Center. These services may be used independent of psychotherapy services, or to augment them.  There is no fee associated with the Mind Spa and visits are self-guided following initial instruction appointments with Counseling Center staff. 

To make an appointment for The Mind Spa, please call 617-333-2182. Our staff will be glad to assist you. Please note, students seeking to use the light therapy lamp are required to participate in clinical screening to determine if this form of therapy is appropriate for you.