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A student at the Counseling Center Relaxation Room

Information and Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Because the confidentiality of email communication cannot be guaranteed, we strongly recommend telephone contact vs. email communication with the Counseling Center. 

Email is checked during normal business hours and should not be relied upon for emergency communication or assistance. Please call Public Safety or 911 in the event of a life threatening emergency.


The Counseling Center at Curry College is designed to support students' personal growth, development, and academic success. Our services provide students with an opportunity to understand emotional wellness and to develop skills they can utilize to make healthy choices. In addition, our services offer students a place to learn about ways to manage stressors that affect them personally, as well as their academic progress and goals. We also provide prevention based education that promotes mental health to the College community.


  • The Counseling Center provides predominantly short-term individual counseling to help promote personal and academic success at the College. Additional services include:
    • Couples counseling (both students must be currently enrolled Curry College students)
    • Group counseling or psycho-educational workshops
    • Consultation to help faculty, staff, parents and students assist a student in distress, or to refer a student to the Counseling Center
    • The Counseling Center will provide referrals to students in the event that we are unable to offer appropriate clinical services.

Take a Mental Health Screening


1016 Brush Hill Road (Wellness Center)
Behind Bell Hall

After Hours Assistance

At times, students may find themselves experiencing a serious mental health crisis, which may involve thoughts and/or behaviors associated with hurting yourself or others, or in the event of a significant event (e.g., sexual assault, death of a loved one, etc.). 

In the event of a psychological emergency, the Counselor on-call can be paged by contacting the Community Director on Duty in Residence Life & Housing, or by calling Public Safety at 617-333-2222, who will then page the clinician on call. 

Due to the winter storm, all Curry College weekend classes will be held fully online beginning Saturday, January 29.