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At the Counseling Center's Fresh Check Day 2023, a student paints on a canvas on the Quad.

Information and Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

1016 Brush Hill Road (Wellness Center)
Behind Bell Hall

After Hours:
Students may call the 24/7 Counselor On Call for immediate emotional support at 617-333-2908.

Because the confidentiality of email communication cannot be guaranteed, we strongly recommend telephone contact vs. email communication with the Counseling Center. 

Email is checked during normal business hours and should not be relied upon for emergency communication or assistance. Please call Public Safety or 911 in the event of a life threatening emergency.


The Counseling Center at Curry College is designed to support students' personal growth, development, and academic success. Our services provide students with an opportunity to understand emotional wellness and to develop skills they can utilize to make healthy choices. In addition, our services offer students a place to learn about ways to manage stressors that affect them personally, as well as their academic progress and goals. We also provide prevention based education that promotes mental health to the College community.

Cultural Humility and EDIJ Statement

The staff at Curry College Counseling Center strive to incorporate cultural humility and anti-racist clinical practices with every interaction we have with students, and the wider Curry College community. We make every effort to create an inclusive and validating environment for students at Curry College to receive affirming services and support. Collectively as a staff, we are committed to increasing our understanding and knowledge of best practices to support marginalized and underrepresented communities. Our team acknowledges the impact on mental health due to the subsequent effects of the following experiences including, but not limited to racial trauma, transphobia or homophobia, discrimination and harassment, institutionalized racism, oppression, unequal incarceration, disproportionate violence perpetuated by law enforcement, and historical inequity. As Curry College community members, we are open to receiving feedback about how to offer, with cultural humility, the most affirming and inclusive services possible.

Customized and Equity-Based Services

The type, duration and frequency of services that the Counseling Center provides for each student will be determined by numerous intersecting factors, including but not limited to:

  • Students' presenting concerns/problems.
  • Students' mental health, psychosocial and treatment history.
  • Students' sociocultural backgrounds and identities.
  • Students' ability to access off campus services in the context of their health insurance coverage, financial resources, familial support, geographic location, etc.
  • CPS’ clinical capacity at the time a student is seeking services.

These factors will be assessed by a Counseling Center clinician through an initial screening process. After this process is completed, the Counseling Center will recommend one or more of the following services:   

For students with an urgent mental health concern and require 1-2 sessions for stabilization and/or safety/treatment planning. Students can access these services by walking into or calling our office during business hours.

For students who are experiencing a new or temporary stressor (i.e. transitioning to college, relationship break up, grief, etc.) and would benefit from up to approximately 5 weeks of individual counseling.

For students with more persistent and ongoing mental health concerns (i.e. depression, anxiety, etc.) who would benefit from approximately one semester of individual counseling.

For students with persistent and ongoing mental health concerns that require services beyond one semester AND who do not have the resources to access off campus services. (These slots are limited & only offered when available)

For students who would benefit from weekly interpersonal, support or identity-based groups. Requires an initial group screening. No session limits.

For students who could benefit from psychiatric medication.

For students who would benefit from attending workshops to learn skills for coping, stress management, emotional regulation, mindfulness, etc.

For students who want to speak with a counselor without entering into a formal clinical relationship.

For students who either request off campus services or have concerns outside of the Counseling Center scope of services AND who have the resources to access off campus supports. The Counseling Center will support these students with the process of transitioning to off campus providers.

For students with concerns that are more effectively addressed by other Curry College resources, such as Career Services, Disability Services, Residential Life, Health Services, Financial Aid, Spiritual Life etc.

Books, apps & videos on meditation, journaling, gratitude, use of the 24/7 Counselor on Call Line 617-333-2908.

After Hours Assistance

At times, students may find themselves experiencing a serious mental health crisis, which may involve thoughts and/or behaviors associated with hurting yourself or others, or in the event of a significant event (e.g., sexual assault, death of a loved one, etc.). 

In the event of a psychological emergency, contact the Community Director on duty in Residence Life & Housing, or by calling Public Safety at 617-333-2222. 

For emotional support that is urgent, but not related to imminent harm to self or others students may contact the 24/7 Counselor On Call provided by ProtoCall at 617-333-2908. ProtoCall is an off-site provider for mental health support and all calls are answered by a Masters- or Ph.D./PsyD-level mental health professional. Curry College Counselors provide back-up support to ProtoCall Services.