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Three male students hanging out in a residence hall room

"Learning at Curry extends beyond the classroom and is embedded in all that we do."

The First-Year Living Learning Communities (LLC) Program at Curry College allows you to collaborate with faculty and other first-year students both in and out of the classroom as you investigate a common theme and complete your required courses. You will be asked to challenge yourself as you engage in discussions, lectures, activities, and community events throughout the year. 

The Living Learning Community experience is one that is  holistic  and integrates participants' classroom and residential experiences. Students in First-Year Living Learning Communities (LLC) take two or more courses together around a theme during both fall and spring semesters, and are engaged both in and out of the classroom with other students, faculty, and residential staff. 

For the 2020-2021 academic year there are three distinct LLCs available. Each will be housed in North Campus Residence Hall (NCRH). North Campus Residence Hall (NCRH) allows students and faculty access to group collaboration and study spaces complete with technology, and are designed to support interaction and collaboration both in and outside of the classroom.

Participants in each of the LLCs will have a Living Learning Community Mentor present and available to support them throughout their experience. LLC Mentors are students who have previously participated in the LLC during their first year at Curry College, and have already experienced the LLC classroom learning and activities.

Contact Information

Dr. Si Pearman
First-Year Coordinator

The following is a list of First-Year Living Learning Communities (LLC) available to first-year students only. For more information about a specific LLC, click on the LLC below to be redirected to program-specific information.

Communication Scholars

First-Year Honors

Health Careers

Students who are interested and apply to these LLCs are assigned housing in North Campus Residence Hall (NCRH). Due to limited space within NCRH, students participating in these LLCs must live with another LLC member from their own program or another LLC program housed within North Campus Residence Hall (NCRH).

Students who have deposited and are interested in one of the LLCs should complete the application and/or specific materials associated with the individual program.