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Students and faculty in the First-Year Inquiry class

Students who are invited to join the Honors program will be part of a community that brings together a community of motivated, intellectually curious students from different majors who challenge and support each other while working closely with Honors faculty members and a faculty mentor. Students in the Honors program take their First-Year Inquiry course together in the fall semester and a second Honors course in the spring semester.

What to Expect

  • A Living Learning Community Mentor (former First-Year Honors participant) present and available to support students through their academic experience and provide targeted programming on course themes
  • Group social and academic activities both in and out of the residence hall 
  • Interesting readings, writing assignments, class lectures, and presentations
  • Opportunities to support fellow participants through study and tutor sessions

Quick Facts

Academic Course Load: 4 credits during fall semester, 3 credits during spring semester
Size: 40 students (within the residential program)
Location: North Campus Residence Hall (NCRH)
Roommate Policy: Roommate needs to be a participant in one of the four LLC programs housed in NCRH (please see housing note at First-Year Living Learning Communities)
Restrictions: Only open to students who have been invited by the College and the Honors Program


Accepted students invited to participate in the First-Year Honors Program will receive information to the mailing address provided through the Curry College application.

Contact Information

Dr. Carrie Cokely
Faculty Coordinator
First-Year Honors