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Who is Alex?

Alex - Curry's newest communication tool - is an artificial intelligence (A.I.) texting chatbot focused on your success at the College! Alex's mission is to involve students in the conversation, answering your questions and helping to address any challenges you may face as a college student, on-demand, 24/7.

Alex serves as a resource for your questions, and connects you to support services and information regarding:

  • Academics (Tutors, Academic Advisors, Study Skills)
  • Financial Matters (Financial Aid, Filling out the FAFSA, Bill Payment Plans)
  • Student Life and Involvement Activities (Clubs, Organizations, Events)
  • Mental and Physical Health, and Overall Wellbeing (Counselors, COVID Info, Campus Recreation)
  • And so much more!

Alex continues to learn about our student body through your text exchanges and also proactively engage with you on a regular basis in order to keep you informed and stay connected throughout your time at Curry.

At this time, Alex is primarily available to our undergraduate resident and commuter students, but will eventually be available to broader audiences in the near future.

How Do I Meet Alex?

Alex will send an initial introductory "hello" text message to every new Curry College undergraduate student. Once you receive that first text, add Alex to your contacts and feel free to ask Alex questions about Curry any time!

Students who may need to update their cell phone number with the College in order to meet and chat with Alex can email the Registrar's Office with your student ID and cell phone number.

Why "Alex?"

As a nod to celebrating diversity and inclusion at Curry and the College's roots in communication, Alex is a gender neutral character, named after one of Curry College's earliest leaders, Alexander Graham Bell, the famed inventor of the telephone and Chancellor of the School of Expression, Curry College's institutional precursor, from 1907 until his death in 1922.