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If You Discover or Suspect a Fire

  • Sound the alarm in the building.
  • If the alarm doesn't sound, knock on all doors and shout warnings to all occupants of the building.
  • Call Public Safety at ext. 2222.
  • Do not place yourself at risk by trying to put out the fire. Help is on the way.

Fire Drill Procedures

  • Treat each alarm as if it were an actual emergency and leave the area as quickly and calmly as possible.
  • Dress as appropriately as possible.
  • When you leave lock your room.
  • Exit the building using the stairwell closest to you.
  • At times it will be necessary to shut off the alarm. This does not mean the building is safe to be entered. Remain outside in a designated area until you are instructed to re-enter the building by the Milton Fire Department or Public Safety or Residence Life.

If You Are in a Buring Building

  • If there is smoke in the room keep low to the floor.
  • Before passing through any doors, feel the doorknob. If it is hot, do not open the door. Attempt to exit by other means.
  • If you cannot exit, hang something from the window such as a pillow case or a shirt to attract attention for help.
  • If you are trapped in a room and have access to water you may need to wet fabric (a towel, bedding etc.) and use it to block smoke from entering through areas of ventilation. (door cracks, ventilation ducts etc.) 
  • When the Milton Fire Department arrives, stay well back and out of their way. Your good intentions could slow down the Fire Departments efforts. 

Curry College Strictly Prohibits 

  • Malicious pulling of any fire alarm when deemed to be false.
  • False reports of a fire.
  • Failure to evacuate when an alarm sounds and reentry into a building before authorization if given by a College official is prohibited.
  • The setting of a fire, tampering with or misuse of fire safety equipment (including exit signs, automatic door closers, smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, fire alarms systems, firefighting equipment, or building security equipment) is prohibited.
  • Direct egress from rooms, hallways or stairwells may not be blocked by persons, furniture, bicycles, or any other items.
  • The burning of candles and/or incense is prohibited. Possession of candles and incense (includes those used for decoration and not in use) in any residence hall is prohibited.
  • Flammable fuels such as charcoal, lighter fluid, kerosene and gasoline are prohibited in campus buildings.
  • The possession, use and/or storage of fireworks, in any form, are illegal in Massachusetts and are prohibited on campus.

Public Safety requests that any student that has knowledge of any of the above violations contact the anonymous Hot Tip Line at (617) 333-2159.

Any student who wantonly and without authority pulls a fire alarm under any falsehoods or damages any fire alarm system faces prosecution under (Mass. General Laws Chapter 269 Section 13) and or expulsion from the College.