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The Curry College Department of Public Safety is committed to ensuring a safe and secure community where students, faculty, and staff may experience academic, professional, and personal success. To achieve this goal, the Department of Public Safety provides a comprehensive program of law enforcement, security, crime prevention, fire safety, emergency medical response, parking, and related public safety services to help ensure the College community remains a safe and pleasant place to live, work, and learn.

To further meet this objective, the Department of Public Safety works toward the establishment of a partnership with students, staff, and faculty in the development of crime prevention, security assessment, response and education. This partnership is the foundation of maintaining an environment which encourages mutual respect, caring, and safety for the campus community.

Almost all officers within the Department of Public Safety are sworn Special State Police Officers (SSPOs) in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 22C, section 63 of the Massachusetts General Laws and have full law enforcement authority in and upon all property owned, occupied, or used by the College. In addition several officers are also sworn Norfolk County Deputy Sheriffs. All officers receive annual, in-service training and updates to relevant laws. Many officers also receive specialized training in conducting sexual assault investigations, crime prevention, awareness and identification of hate crimes and domestic violence, as well as active shooter response. In addition Curry College and the Department of Public Safety provides security measures such as integrated I.D. Access control, perimeter fencing, vehicle gates, manned front entry guard gate, foot, bicycle and cruiser patrols. Public Safety also runs the Community Desk Attendant program of which serves as the eyes and ears of the department.

All officers of the Curry College Department of Public Safety are trained and certified First Responders and normally will be the first to arrive to a medical emergency. Officers are trained to administer First Aid, C.P.R., A.E.D., and Naloxone (NARCAN) and are re-certified on an ongoing basis. In addition some officers are also EMT certified.

All officers are trained in basic fire safety, suppression, and are trained to help facilitate evacuations due to a potential fire or safety hazard. For more information about Curry College's Fire Safety please visit the Fire Safety page.

Curry College strives to provide an adequate and safe parking environment for all Students, Staff, Faculty and Guests. To facilitate this,  Public Safety asks that everyone pay strict attention to all parking policies, and adhere to all posted signs, painted lines and symbols throughout the campus parking lots. Failure to do so may lead to parking violations and or towing at the owners expense.

The Department of Public Safety offers Safety Escorts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students wishing  to request an escort shall call (617) 333-2222 or x2222.

Public Safety may perform escorts off campus when campus shuttle services are halted or other emergency circumstances deem it to be necessary.

Community Desk Attendants are on duty at 12 residence halls on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 7:00 P.M. until 3:00 A.M. in the following residence halls: 886 Brush Hill Rd., North Campus Residence Hall, Scholars Hall, Mayflower Hall, State House, Lombard Hall, Grey House, South Campus Residence Hall, Suites, Main House, Milton Hall and Alexander Graham Bell Hall.

During these times, all students and college visitors must show either a Curry College I.D. or valid photo I.D. to the Community Desk Attendant.

The Curry College Department of Public Safety utilizes bicycle patrols throughout the Milton Campus. Officers assigned to this unit attended a three-day police mountain bicycle patrol school called C.O.B.W.E.B. At this time, four officers are certified to conduct bike patrols. These officers provide high visibility for the safety of the College community and are able to patrol areas of campus that are difficult to patrol by vehicle.

The Department of Public Safety encourages Students, Faculty, Staff and Guests to turn over items that are found on Curry College property that are suspected of being forgotten or misplaced by the owner. If you find an item or have lost an item please visit our office in the Mayflower parking lot during regular business hours. During non-business hours you may call x2222 to speak to an officer about turning over an item or retrieving an item.