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Why Choose Curry College?

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The Office of Marketing and Communications creates everything from short-form videos for digital campaigns to longer-form videos for presentation at Curry College special events.

Many projects include promotional video content, which can be planned, shot and edited by our team. Depending on factors like the amount of field production, length of video, distribution channels, and volume of other projects in the video queue, most video projects can be completed in 2 - 6 weeks. Longer form videos (i.e. Accepted Student Day Welcome Video) can take months to produce.

If it is existing BRoll you are requesting, the Office of Marketing and Communication has an extensive existing library of footage which can be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Video shoots should typically be scheduled several weeks in advance and may be subject to specific conditions (weather, timing of classroom or athletic events, etc.). Clients should also take into account elements of both the pre- and post-production phases aside from the principle photography, including planning/scripting/storyboarding and scheduling video shoot(s), and then logging, transcribing, and editing.

Typical Video Process:

  1. Plan/Script/Storyboard/Cast (acquire talent releases from subjects)
  2. Schedule/Shoot Interviews and B-Roll
  3. Upload, log and transcribe video assets
  4. Create editor’s 1st cut - reviewed by VP of MarComm and Director of Digital Communications
  5. Editor addresses 1st draft notes
  6. Send consensus MarComm cut to client (with a maximum of 3 rounds of edits)
  7. Finalize and caption video
  8. Publish and distribute using agreed upon media channels

The Office of Marketing and Communications employs a full-time video content producer and social media specialist who capture, share publicly, and archive still and motion imagery of Curry College campus life on a daily basis. In the case of more personal photography and videography  (i.e. one-on-one student, faculty, and alumni profiles and news features) we ask that subjects complete the following talent release form to grant permission of usage to the College.

Our consultation and videography services are free in most cases. Campus partners will need to provide payment for any custom videography, graphics and/or incidental services. Our team will consult with you ahead of time in such cases and provide an estimate for approval prior to project start.

Curry College Students in TV Class shooting video

Curry College Video

The Office of Marketing and Communication houses much of our video content on the Curry College institutional YouTube channel, but we also share video natively on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more!