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The Curry College website homepage

The Curry marketing website,, is the College's primary digital channel, delivering a virtual experience of Curry College to a variety of audiences.  These include:

  • Prospective students and families
  • Current students and families
  • Alumni
  • Current faculty, staff, and vendor partners
  • Donors
  • Prospective faculty and staff
  • Media
  • Friends of the College

If there is a web or digital distribution component to your project, we will assist you with content intake and planning for those aspects, including dates for receiving content for the web, review of content and go-live dates to be included in the production schedule.

For questions regarding the Curry College marketing website (, please email or contact John Eagan, Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications at

For questions regarding the myCurry portal, please contact the Curry College Tech Center at 617-333-2911 or Website

The Curry website is built on the Ingeniux CMS platform. Since launching in its newest iteration, the actual hands-on editing of the website is centralized in the Office of Marketing and Communications, although each department remains responsible for their content on the website. With thousands of pieces of content contained within the site, it truly takes a village. Updating regularly not only helps keep our content fresh and accurate, but also helps boost the College's search engine rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

myCurry Portal

For information about content housed on the myCurry portal, please contact the Curry College Tech Center at 617-333-2911 or

Department Liaisons:
Each department is tasked with designating at least one website liaison, assigned with periodically auditing their respective area(s) of and communicating updates to the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Auditing/Editing Process:
Thorough department website audits should take place at least twice a year (once in the late summer/early fall and once in the early spring) along with communicating iterative edits to MarComm along the way (bulleted notes in an email or a marked up Word document usually suffice). Liaisons are responsible for reviewing their department web pages for accuracy, spelling/grammar, formatting and imagery. Departments should also view their content on a mobile device or a minimized desktop window to be sure that content is rendering properly. (Note: More than 50% of all users now view their content on a mobile device.)

To request edits to, please contact John Eagan, Assistant VP of Marketing and Communications (Digital Communications) at 617-333-2974 or

To request edits to the myCurry portal, please contact the Curry College Tech Center at 617-333-2911 or


A new web color/font guide will be published in the summer of 2024.

Style Guide

This section is for users of the Ingeniux Content Management System (CMS). In order to ensure visual consistency, strengthen search engine optimization (SEO), and adhere to accessibility standards throughout the site, it is important to follow these guidelines as closely as possible. Variations from these standards are to be reviewed by the Office of Marketing and Communications.  Please contact for any questions regarding the following guidelines:

Body Copy:

  • Website text should be as brief and concise as possible. People scan web pages for the information they need rather than read word for word.
  • Body content, page titles, headers and tables should always be left justified, never centered (unless hard-coded in template).
  • Copy styles used should include Paragraph, Paragraph (bold), Heading 1 (Page Title ONLY), Heading 2, and Heading 3
  • Never underline text. If you need to call attention to certain words, use bold or italicized text. Underlining can confuse end users who intend to access a link.


  • All imported images must be saved as .png files with a minimum resolution of 72 dpi. (Cropping varies depending on the template in use)
  • Use images to support and enhance text, not overwhelm the page.
  • Do not use animated or still clip art images which can appear as amateurish to visitors
  • When you are using images, always include a line of descriptive text in the "text" box when you are inserting the image; this provides alternate text (alt tags) for screen readers used by the visually impaired.

View/Download the complete Curry College Editorial Style Guide for more tips

Our office uses various digital tools to track audience data and ensure accuracy, consistency, compliance, and search engine optimization of content housed on the website.

These include:

  • Carnegie Clarity
  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • SalesForce
  • SiteImprove

Along with ongoing tracking analysis of the website at large, we will often run department page analytics/web traffic reports as a benchmarking step during a project's kick-off phase.