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Curry College student interacting with a local senior, representing the Curry College Gerontology minor and concentrationThe Gerontology minor and concentration programs are open to all students with an interest in learning about current concepts and trends, as well as research and advocacy related to gerontology. Available resources and practical considerations for careers working with older adults in a variety of settings are examined. Administered through the psychology department, the program promotes reflective examination of attitudes, perspectives and beliefs about aging. Experiential service learning opportunities prepare students to enter the workplace or graduate studies.

The Gerontology program may be considered as a concentration for psychology majors; as a minor for other majors; or as a certificate program. Courses may also be taken as electives.

Course Requirements and Information


PSY 2400 Human Development

Core Courses:

PSY/SOC/WGS 2060 Aging and the Life Cycle
PSY 2064 Older Adult Wellness:
Evidenced-based Practice and Research
PSY 3610 Cognitive Changes in Older Adults
PSY/SOC 2220 Death, Dying, and Bereavement
PSY 2230 Palliative Care for Older Adults: Principles and Practice
PSY 3450 Psychology Internship in Aging

Recommended Courses (not required):

COM 2150 Health Communication
BUS 2263 Health Care Law
NSG 3470 Health Policy and Finance
PRS 2420 Ethics for Nurses/Health Care Professionals

Students can earn a Gerontology Concentration or Minor, or a Substance Use Concentration or Minor. These programs should be considered as concentrations for Psychology majors, as minors for other majors, or as certificate programs offered through Continuing Education. The courses corresponding to either concentration may be taken as electives.

The Gerontology and Substance Use Counseling concentrations have been designed to focus explicitly on matters relating to these respective areas. Pursuing a concentration (or minor) is advisable if the student wish to focus on either area, or if he or she intends to pursue further academic or career opportunities in either area. Students may elect to concentrate on one of these areas by taking a minimum of five courses (15+ credits) designated as appropriate to that concentration, including the required (*) core courses. In addition, students are encouraged to develop internships or independent research/readings within the selected concentration, and to take courses in other disciplines that pertain to their area of concentration. However, psychology offerings frequently vary, and concentrations should not limit a student’s selection of courses in addition to the five or more selected from within a particular concentration. Psychology majors are urged to find an academic advisor in psychology to help them design an exciting and useful program of study.

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