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A hand shake after a job interview represents the human resources concentration at Curry CollegeThe Human Resources concentration will prepare students with skills and knowledge in a variety of Human Resources related areas, including human resource planning, job analysis and design, recruitment and selection of personnel, administration of wages and fringe benefits, collective bargaining, and labor relations.

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Course Requirements and Information

BUS 2262 Employment and Labor Law
BUS 2265 Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations
BUS 2500 Human Resource Management
BUS 2540 Employee Recruitment & Retention
BUS 3500 Employee Training and Development
BUS 3510 Leadership
BUS 3530 Total Compensation

One of the following may be substituted:

BUS 3450 Internship & Seminar
BUS 3900 Special Project

Students may select a Business Administration concentration in consultation with the Business faculty listed below.

Completion of a concentration requires at least five courses from the list of offerings within the concentration.

Note: that a concentration-related internship, or a special project, may be substituted for one of the five required traditional  classroom based courses listed within a concentration. Please refer to the Business Administration major/minor section for additional information regarding requirements for Business Administration Internships and Special Projects.

Business Administration Concentrations, Minors, Internships, Special Projects with Advisors:

Accounting - E. Delano

Data Analytics - S. Cooray

Entrepreneurship/Small Business - A. Fabrizio

Finance - M. Bennett

Human Resources - A. Fabrizio/A. Graziano

Management Information Systems Minor - S. Cooray

Internships (for Business Administration) - A. Fabrizio/M. Perrault

Business Administration Minor - A. Fabrizio

Marketing Minor - A. Fabrizio

Special Projects (for Business Administration) - A. Fabrizio

Sport and Recreation Management Minor - N. West

Residential Property Management - A. Fabrizio