Integrated Liberal Studies

What skills are needed to be a successful and contributing member of society? How does one retain individuality while recognizing the strengths inherent in association? What knowledge is the basis of citizenship and how can this knowledge be expanded and refined to enable individuals to be free within an increasingly complex world?

The Integrated Liberal Studies major seeks to provide students with an understanding of the many areas of study contributing answers to these questions. This major builds upon the liberal arts in order to provide students with the opportunity for both critical and reflective thinking. Students are further required to determine a second major or a minor concentration of studies, in order to further refine their program of studies. Students intending to pursue an Education major leading to licensure must double major in ILS and either Early Childhood, Elementary or Special Education in order to meet competencies required by the Massachusetts Department of Education. These students may also be required to take designated Gen Ed coursework.


BIOL 1056 Biological Concepts 4
P&H 1010 or 1020 U.S. History I or II 3
P&H 1060 World Politics 3

Core Courses (19 Credits Total):

English and Writing (3 credits)

Students will choose three credits from among the following English and writing courses. The three credits must be from one of the two literature and writing categories listed below:

American Literature:
ENG 2110 American Literature I
ENG 2120 American Literature II
ENG 2140 Contemporary American Literature: A Multicultural Approach
ENG 2150 African American Literature
ENG 3110 American Novels

Language and Writing:
ENG 2015 Structure of the English Language
ENG 2300 Creative Writing I
ENG 2480 Writing for the Professions
ENG 3410 Writing in the Electronic Age

Politics and History (3 credits)

Students will choose one of the following:
P&H 2320 Contemporary American History
P&H 2250 International Relations
P&H 2600 History of U.S. Foreign Relations

Biology (4 credits)

Students will choose one of the following:
BIOL 2215 Environmental Science
BIOL 2310 Field Ecology
BIOL 2330 Aquatic Biology

Sociology/Anthropology (3 credits)

Students will choose one of the following:
SOC 2160 Urban Life: Culture and Change
SOC 2085 World Cultures: Selected Area Topics
SOC 2620 Diversity in Families

Psychology/Health (3 credits)

Students will choose one of the following:
PSY 2115 Men, Self, and Society
PSY 2200 Behavior Disorders in Children
PSY 2500 Behavior Change: Theory and Practice
PSY 2800 Social Psychology
HE 3020 Current Issues in Health and Wellness

Capstone (3 credits)

ILS 3100 Voyages

Related Requirement (3 Credits)

Students will select one of these courses as a related requirement:

Literature: British/World Literature
ENG 2010 Major British Writers I
ENG 2020 Major British Writers II
ENG 2190 Global Literature
ENG 2632 Women in 19th Century World Literature

Required Minor:
All students in this major are required to complete a minor of at least 12 credits. The minor should further refine the student's course of studies. A minor is not required of students with a double major.

Course sequence for Education Licensure Students:
Students who are majoring in integrated liberal studies with the goal of education licensure should follow the course sequence recommended by the Education department faculty. Please consult the education section of the course catalog for the required Education course sequence. In addition, please confer closely with your academic advisors as you matriculate through the Licensure program to ensure all course requirements are being met.

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