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Curry College recognizes that individuals with temporary injuries, recovering from surgery, or with short term medical conditions may need accommodations to access classrooms, course resources, and/or campus facilities. Temporary disabilities may include, but are not limited to; broken limbs, hand injuries, concussion, or short term impairment while recovering from (medically necessary) surgery.

Missing a few classes or deadlines because of acute illness, such as the flu, does not require formal accommodation and you should be able to work directly with your professors and the academic success office to get back on track. We are, however, always here to consult or support you in your medical and/or academic recovery.

Depending on the nature of the temporary disability and supporting documentation, the most common accommodations for which students may be approved include:

  • Accommodations to capture information in the classroom
  • Appropriate housing based accommodations
  • Temporary accessible parking and/or transportation

Requesting Temporary Accommodations

Follow the general process for requesting accommodations by completing our Online Intake Form.

Provide documentation from your medical clinician stipulating expected temporary limitations, anticipated recovery time, and recommended accommodations.

ODS will be in touch if there is need for additional information or to discuss accommodation options.