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Amanda Wood

With hopes of one day becoming a school psychologist, Amanda Wood ’22, a Psychology major with a minor in education, chose Curry College to help put that plan into action. 

“I have always had a passion for learning how the human brain works and why individuals behave in a certain way. I’m the type of person to reach out and help others in need, so pursuing psychology and education as career paths just made sense to me.”

Coming all the way from Tokyo, Japan, Amanda eventually found Curry to be a place to meet new friends and build a network to last a lifetime.

“At first I was very shy and did not want to communicate with anyone and thought that just getting a degree would get me a job,” she said. “Learning pretty quickly that it does not work that way, I began opening myself up, communicating and participating in class more.”

Amanda found that her faculty and staff truly care about their students and have been great resources to connect with.

Dr. (Elizabeth) Carey and Dr. (Mia) Khera love what they do, and they are always there when I have a question or when I’m struggling with academics or even with personal issues. They are definitely my biggest role models at Curry College, and I hope to make them proud when I leave Curry.”

Amanda is also a stand out on the women’s volleyball team, is involved with FemU (Feminist United), worked at the Student Center Information Desk and as a CDA (Community Desk Attendant) for Public Safety, and over the summer worked as an Orientation Coordinator. With so many ways to get involved, Amanda has found the things that motivate and interest her.

“One of the biggest things I gained from being at Curry for the past three-plus years is independence,” she said. “I was always reliant on my parents to do everything for me, but because I live so far from them now, I’ve had to learn to work things out on my own. I am very proud of where I am today.”