Women's and Gender Studies

Are you interested in learning about women's experiences, struggles, and accomplishments throughout history? Dream of a world where equality is the standard? Want to strengthen your understanding and awareness of gender as it applies to your own experiences? Then you may want to minor in women's and gender studies.

Throughout your coursework you will have the opportunity to:

  • Focus on women or gender as the central area of inquiry
  • Recognize gender as a primary source for learning, and lens through which we experience the world
  • Articulate the complex ways in which gender is socially and culturally constructed
  • Explore data and research about contemporary issues related to gender and their impact both locally and globally
  • Analyze interlocking systems of oppression and privilege across lives of gender, race, class, and sexuality
  • Recognize women as significant actors in society in both public and private spheres
  • Recognize women's struggles and accomplishments, in their efforts, both individual and collective, to achieve personal and social change
  • Apply Women's and Gender Studies scholarship to personal experiences within the framework of our diverse cultural backgrounds

The Women's and Gender Studies program includes courses and faculty drawn from throughout the College. Students do not need to be pursuing the Women's and Gender Studies minor to enroll in Women's and Gender Studies courses. Students may obtain a minor in Women's and Gender Studies in conjunction with a major in any area of study. Students wishing to pursue a Women's and Gender Studies minor should contact the Women's and Gender Studies coordinator, at wgs@curry.edu.

Requirements for Women's and Gender Studies Minor:
WGS 2000 Gendered Lives 3
WGS 3900 Women's and Gender Studies Senior Seminar: Selected Topics 3

Choose three courses (9 credits) from the following list.
(Note: The courses chosen must be from at least two different disciplines):

BIOL/PSY/WGS 2450 Human Sexuality
COM/WGS 3652 Gender Communication
ENG 1330 Feminine and Masculine in Literature
ENG/WGS 2110 American Literature I
ENG 2632 Women in 19th Century World Literature
ENG 2635 Banned Books and Dangerous Ideas
ENG 2850 Women in Film
ENG 3340 Women in Modern Literature
ENG/WGS 3620 Victorian Literature
HE/AFAM/WGS 3050 Race, Class, Gender and Health
NSG 2051 Maternity Nursing
P&H/WGS 2292 Social History of Women
P&H/WGS 2420 Gay Politics in the United States
P&H/WGS 2440 Gender Inequality: Women and Politics
PSY/SOC/WGS 2115 Men, Self and Society
SOC/PSY/WGS 2060 Aging and the Life Cycle
SOC/CJ/WGS 2402 Domestic Violence
SOC/WGS 2410 Working with Individuals
SOC/WGS 2470 Sex, Gender, and Sexuality
SOC/WGS 2480 Sport & Society
SOC/WGS 2620 Diversity in Families
SOC/WGS 2650 Sociology of Health and Health Care
SOC/WGS 2680 Sociology of Work
SOC/WGS 2760 Wealth, Poverty and Social Class
SOC/CJ/WGS 3404 Sociology of Violence
SOC/WGS 3640 Deviance and Social Control
Total Credits Required Women's and Gender Studies Minor: 15

*Students may petition the Women's and Gender Studies Committee to receive credit for course(s) or coursework not listed above.


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