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Student lighting a candle representing the Asian Studies minor at Curry CollegeStudents pursuing an Asian Studies minor at Curry College will be exposed to the intellectual, political, cultural and artistic history and culture of the diverse variety of traditions collectively referred to as "Asian." As an interdisciplinary program, the minor seeks to draw on the wide array of resources available at Curry College for the pursuit of an understanding and appreciation of Asian contributions to history and culture - both its own and the more global culture of the twenty-first century.

Curry's Asian Studies course offerings focus primarily on East and South Asia. Students may obtain an Asian Studies minor in conjunction with any major offered at the College, although it may be particularly attractive for majors in Philosophy, English, Business Management, and Politics & History.

Course Requirements and Information

Requirements for the Asian Studies Minor:

PRS 2150 Eastern Religion and Philosophy 3
AS 3900 Capstone Thesis 3

Choose three of the following electives*: 9

CHIN 1010 Elementary Chinese I (Mandarin)
CHIN 1020 Elementary Chinese II (Mandarin)
MATH 1170 East Asian Mathematics
PRS 2160 Introduction to Buddhism
PRS 2170 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy
P&H 2120 China: Tradition and Change
SOC 2085** World Cultures

Total credits: 15
*Electives must be taken in at least two different disciplines.
**This course counts toward the minor only when its content is largely Asian.

Description of Requirements for the Minor:

Note: because this is an interdisciplinary minor, students are referred to the relevant departmental entries for any courses included in the major. The only exception to this is the Capstone course, which is detailed below.

The core course for the Minor, Eastern Religion and Philosophy (PRS 2150), is a general introduction to Asian cultures via their religious and philosophical traditions. These traditions continue to provide the intellectual and practical grounding for Asian cultures, even when they have been deliberately suppressed. Attending to these fundamental differences in worldviews provides students in the Western world with their best preparation for further study in Asian traditions. Whenever possible, this course will be taught by the Asian Studies Coordinator, in order to provide both consistency and first-hand direction for the Minor.

Electives for the Minor will be left open to any courses approved by Asian Studies Committee, which will be continuously updated and published in the Course Catalog. Students in the Minor will be required to select their electives from among at least two different disciplines in order to maintain the inter-disciplinary nature of the minor.

For the required Capstone course (AS 3900), students will either enroll for one semester at a cooperating college in Asia or participate in the recurrent Curry College trips to China, and will submit a thesis on their work there as it relates to their broader program of study at the College. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Coordinator for students who are unable-for financial or other reasons-to study abroad or attend one of the annual trips; alternate arrangements will typically entail an extensive research paper that gives expression to their particular focus of study within the Minor. AS 3900 is the only course that will bear a specific Asian Studies course designation; all other associated courses will maintain their original course listings.

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