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'The Thinker' representing the Philosophy Degree at Curry College

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in Fall 2021, applications will no longer be accepted for the Philosophy major and minor. As an alternative option, feel free to explore the full list of our undergraduate academic programs.

Are you constantly seeking answers to life's mysteries? Always questioning assumptions and norms? Wanting to get beneath the surface, to explore deeper issues? Yearn for an intellectual challenge? Then you should consider a Philosophy degree from Curry College.

At Curry College, we emphasize the importance of action, not just abstract thinking. Many of our courses are concerned explicitly with ethics in a number of different contexts, but every course will help you with the fundamental question: "What should I do?"

You will have the opportunity to explore and integrate both philosophical and religious interests into your class work. The two are not identical, but complementary ways of asking "the big questions."

With a degree in Philosophy, you will possess the qualities employers and graduate schools seek out most when recruiting potential candidates: advanced writing skills, proficiency in reading and responding critically, and both strong problem solving and communicating skills.

Experience a current, progressive, and vibrant teaching and learning environment that prepares majors and minors to be mature thinkers suitable to all fields of work, and more importantly, life beyond college.

Courses You'll Love

Culture of France
Film and Novel
Multicultural Literature in America
Philosophy of Sex and Gender
The Meaning of Life
Writing Poetry

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The Path to Your Dream Career

Just a few of the many career options include:

  • Anthropologist
  • Family Counselor
  • Government Regulator
  • Historian
  • Lobbyist
  • Missionary
  • Nonprofit Manager
  • Paralegal
  • Professor
  • Public Policy Director
  • Public Service Official

Our Alumni in the Field

Our students and alumni are making their mark as:

  • Bankers, entrepreneurs, and managers
  • Columnists
  • Entertainers
  • ESPN writers
  • Graphic designers
  • Hollywood entertainment lawyers
  • Hospital researchers
  • Published authors
  • Social workers across the U.S.
  • Teachers throughout New England


With one required internship and the opportunity to pursue as many others as they’d like, Curry students have the chance to fill their e-portfolio with a variety of incredible experiences. With Boston just 7 miles away, you’re at the center of opportunity at Curry.

Directed Study and Capstone Projects

In Directed Studies, students work one-on-one with a professor, conducting research on a topic that reflects their passion. In addition, all seniors complete a Capstone Project, producing professional writing samples perfect for job and graduate school applications.

Twenty-seven credits (nine courses, 3 credits each) in philosophy, distributed as follows:

At least three courses in the area of history of philosophical traditions, including at least one course from Eastern and at least one from Western traditions, selected from the following list:

PRS 2100 Beginnings of Philosophy
PRS 2110 Modern Philosophy
PRS 2120 The Meaning of Life
PRS 2150 Eastern Religion and Philosophy
PRS 2160 Introduction to Buddhism
PRS 2170 Chinese Philosophy
PRS 2470 Social and Political Philosophy

At least one course in the area of critical thinking:

PRS 2200 Fundamentals of Logic
PRS 2210 Ethics
PRS 2230 Philosophy in Pop Culture
PRS 2240 The Walking Dead as an Introduction to Philosophy
PRS 3200 Problems in Philosophy and Religious Studies

At least one course in the area of self-discovery and personal development:

PRS 2300 Search for Self
PRS 2310 Spiritual Journey
PRS 2320 Life, Death, and Philosophy
PRS 2330 Myth of the Hero

At least one course in the area of contemporary application:

PRS 2400 Ethics of War and Peace
PRS 2410 Environmental Ethics
PRS 2430 Religion and Science
PRS 2440 Religion and Ecology
PRS 2450 Religion and Politics
  • Capstone (PRS 3980 - may be repeated once as an elective)
  • Two additional PRS electives from the lists above (6 credits)

Courses taken to fulfill the General Education requirements are excluded from courses taken for the major. Students must maintain an average of C or above in all PRS courses taken for the major.

Choose 12 credits from the list of Philosophy major requirements (see accordion above), including at least two courses from the area of history of philosophical traditions. Courses taken to fulfill the General Education requirements are excluded from courses taken for the minor.

Note that a minor in Religious Studies is also offered.

The Curry philosophy and religion programs have much in common. It is possible for a student to combine them, either in an individually initiated major or in a philosophy major that includes a significant number of religion courses in the related areas as part of the major.

1.  Self-discovery and personal development

  • Students learn to identify their own values, loyalties, and virtues, as well as those values and loyalties that they can tolerate, and those that they reject.
  • Students reflect on their own habits of thought (metacognition).

2.  Critical thinking

  • Students can express and evaluate ethical and philosophical arguments, recognize any logical fallacies, and find the pragmatic outcomes of those arguments.
  • Students can criticize "conventional wisdom" (including their own) using skills of independent judgment.

3.  Historical awareness of philosophical and religious traditions

  • Students demonstrate their ability to read and interpret difficult texts (philosophical, religious, biblical) in their historical context.
  • Students demonstrate a basic knowledge of several world traditions (philosophical and/or religious).
  • Students can trace the roots of contemporary ideas, as well as the influences that have caused those ideas to change and develop.

4.  Contemporary application

  • Students examine ethical issues as "responsible" adults, able to respond for themselves without blaming others.

Students grasp religious, philosophical, and ethical traditions deeply enough to be able to express them in new ways in a changing world.

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