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    The student : faculty ratio at Curry

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    First-year students who live on campus

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    Students who receive financial aid

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When I first stepped on campus I honestly felt like it was home. People were so nice to me. They opened doors for me. They're all smiling. When I saw the students they were all accepting of each other, asking each other questions. And they made me actually feel like I was a Curry student even though they knew I was still a high school student.

Jordan Rogers '15
Major: Criminal Justice

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Philosophy Curriculum

Requirements for the Philosophy Major

Twenty-seven credits (nine courses, 3 credits each) in philosophy, distributed as follows:

  1. At least three courses in the area of history of philosophical traditions, including at least one course from Eastern and at least one from Western traditions, selected from the following list:

  • PHIL 2030 Eastern Religion and Philosophy
  • PHIL 2033 Introduction to Buddhism
  • PHIL 2035 Chinese Philosophy
  • PHIL 2089 Religion and Ecology
  • PHIL 2110 Beginnings of Philosophy
  • PHIL 2120 Modern Philosophy
  • PHIL 2200 The Meaning of Life
  • PHIL 2550 Philosophies of Creativity and Process
  • PHIL 3000 Social and Political Philosophy
  1. At least one course in the area of critical thinking:
  • PHIL 2010 Ethics
  • PHIL 2036 Philosophy in Pop Culture
  • PHIL 2050 Philosophy of Religion
  • PHIL 2170 Fundamentals of Logic
  • PHIL 3500 Problems in Philosophy
  1. At least one course in the area of self-discovery and personal development:
  • PHIL 2005 Search for Self
  • PHIL 2055 Spiritual Journey
  • PHIL 2075 Life, Death, and Philosophy
  • PHIL 2610 Myth of the Hero
  1. At least one course in the area of contemporary application:
  • PHIL 2013 Ethics of War and Peace
  • PHIL 2015 Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL 2020 Ethics for Nurses/Health Care Professionals
  • PHIL 2080 Religion and Politics
  • PHIL 2085 Religion and Science
  1. Capstone (PHIL 3980 - may be repeated once as an elective).
  2. Two additional PHIL electives (6 credits)

Courses taken to fulfill the Central Liberal Arts Curriculum are excluded from courses taken for the major. The student must maintain an average of C or above in all PHIL courses taken for the major.

Minor in Religion
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Religion courses are valuable for a better understanding of oneself and of persons from many religious backgrounds that are encountered in daily life, especially in careers involving public service.

Asian Studies Minor
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The Asian Studies minor includes the intellectual, political, cultural and artistic history and culture of the diverse variety of traditions collectively referred to as "Asian."

Philosophy/Religion Faculty News
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Congratulations to members of the Curry philosophy/religion faculty for their on-going professional accomplishments!


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