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    The student to faculty ratio at Curry

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    First-year students who live on campus

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    of first time, full-time students receive some form of financial aid

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Honors for me was a really wonderful program because it was conversation-based, which made us think about things that we wouldn't necessarily think about in other traditional academic settings. Learning about other people and the way they view the world is a really great thing and was also relevant to my major due to psychology's relation to the mind and mental processes.

Jessica Lorento '16
Major: Psychology

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Politics and History Curriculum

As a politics and history major, you will broadly study the history of the United States and a variety of other countries, highlighting political, economic, legal, cultural and social dimensions. Your classes will examine the ideas that motivate political behavior and the institutions that shape it. These include the impact of ethical concerns, how culture shapes politics, the emergence and role of legal structures, means by which governments reward or penalize individuals and groups, and how people organize to influence decision-making in society.

Prerequisites (These should be completed by the end of the sophomore year)
One course from each of the following:
1. P&H 1050 U.S. Politics 3
2. P&H 1060 World Politics 3
2. P&H 1010 U.S. History I in a Global COntext
P&H 1020 U.S. History II in a Global Context 3
4. P&H 1030 European History I in a Global Context
P&H 1040 European History II in a Global Context 3
Total Credits:   12

Requirements for the Politics and History Major:
a. International: 12 credits from this area, including:
P&H 2001 Current Economic Problems 3
P&H 2250 International Relations
Plus any three of the following courses, all at the 2000- or 3000-level: 9
P&H 2001 Current Economic Problems
P&H 2010 Europe: The Age of Revolutions
P&H 2060 Contemporary European History
P&H 2100 Russian History and Contemporary Politics
P&H 2130 German History and Contemporary Politics
P&H 2140 French History and Contemporary Politics
P&H 2250 International Relations
P&H 2270 Environment and Social Movements
P&H 2440 Gender Inequality: Women, Power and Politics
P&H 2700 Latin American Politics: Brazil and Mexico
P&H 3010 Cuban Politics and Culture
b. United States: 15 credits from this area, including:
P&H 2320 Contemporary U.S. History 3
Plus any four of the following courses, all at the 2000- or 3000-level: 12
P&H 2292 Social History of Women
P&H 2300 The Making of Modern U.S.: 1890-1945
P&H 2310 American Constitutional Law
P&H 2330 African-American History
P&H 2350 The U.S. Presidency
P&H 2360 The U.S. Congress
P&H 2370 U.S. Political Parties
P&H 2380 U.S. Immigration History
P&H 2390 U.S. Constitutional Issues
P&H 2400 The Politics of Deception
P&H 2420 Gay Politics in the United States
P&H 2450 Introduction to African-American Studies
P&H 2492 African-American Cinema
P&H 2500 State & Local Politics
P&H 2520 U.S. Culture
P&H 2600 History of U.S. Foreign Relations
P&H 3590 Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy
2. Capstone course: one of the following:* 3
P&H 3380 Public Policy in the United States
P&H 3600 Europe since the end of the Cold War
P&H 3650 The American Dream
Total Credits: 30

Requirements in related areas:
Twelve credits from among the following: 12
AH 2920 History of Visual Art:
Renaissance to Contemporary
AH 2930 Contemporary Art
CJ 2020 Criminal Law
CJ 3205 Law and Society
CJ 3500 Comparative Justice Systems
COM 3100 Argumentation and Debate
COM/ENG 3545 Modern Drama
ENG 2010 Major British Writers I
ENG 2020 Major British Writers II
ENG/WGS 2110 & 2120 American Literature I
ENG 2120 American Literature II
ENG/AFAM 2150 African American Literature
ENG 3110 American Novels
ENG 3620 Victorian Literature
HE/AFAM/WGS 3050 Race, Class, Gender and Health
MGT 1610 Macroeconomics
MUS 2000 Western Classical Music
MUS 2250 Music of the World
PRS 2110 Modern Philosophy
PRS 2150 Eastern Religion and Philosophy
PRS 2400 Ethics of War and Peace
PRS 2450 Religion and Politics
PRS 2520 Western Religion
PRS 2900 Contemporary Theological Issues
PRS 3100 Social and Political Philosophy
SOC/CJ 2160 Urban Life: Culture and Change
SOC 2470 Sex, Gender and Sexuality
SOC 2510 Social Movements and Social Action
SOC/WGS 2760 Wealth, Poverty and Social Class

In addition to the courses listed above, other courses at the 2000- and/or 3000-level may be taken as related courses, provided that written approval from a full-time P&H faculty member has been obtained beforehand.

*If a student takes a capstone course prior to their senior year, course will count as a 3000-level course but not as the student's capstone. All P&H majors, however, are required to take the course that will count as their capstone course during their senior year.

Note: In order to qualify for graduation, the major must be completed with a C average.

Meet Dr. Grant Burrier - Politics & History

"I try to bring as much of the world as I can into the classroom, but there is no substitute for actually being there," says Politics & History Professor, Dr. Grant Burrier.  Dr. Burrier, whose expertise is Central and South American culture, oversees the Cuban Politics and Culture Study Tour, which allows students to experience Cuba up close.

Experience Cuba! (January 2017)

Join Curry's own Dr. Grant Burrier for a 2-week trip to Cuba over winter break 2017. The trip, entitled 'Cuban Politics and Culture', is a 3 credit elective course which will include travel to La Habana, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, and Viñales. Students will study Cuban history and explore a variety of subjects like the political and economic system of the island, healthcare and education, agriculture and the environment,  U.S. and Cuban Relations, poetry, and music.

Professor Bill Nancarrow Receives Whiting Foundation Fellowship

Dr. William Nancarrow (Politics & History) recently received a fellowship from the Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation.  Dr. Nancarrow will travel to the San Francisco Maritime National History Park and Archive in June 2016 to collect material and artifacts in support of his Integrated Liberal Studies course for future teachers: Global Cultural Exchange through Voyages in the Age of Sail.

Meet Krista Selnau '09 - Staff Attorney, Pine Tree Legal Assistance

"Curry was my first-choice college...I liked the small size and the feeling of community when I visited campus. By joining clubs and organizations, I learned how the process works and that you could start your own club, implement your ideas and create change. Now, I'm better able to take initiative and not be just a follower. Within Curry's supportive environment, I felt comfortable enough to take a risk and step into leadership positions." Read more...

Meet Jared Berman '17

A member of the class of 2017 and a double major in criminal justice and politics and history, Jared Berman is an extremely passionate and motivated individual, who as a high school student ran for school committee in his hometown of Weymouth, Massachusetts.  He narrowly lost the election, but was not swayed in his passion for involvement.

Politics and History Club
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The Politics and History Club is open to all Curry students who have a particular interest in politics, history, current events and debate. (Above:  Club members visit with U. S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA))

Pre-law Club
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The Pre-Law Club is for students who are interested in law school. They can gather to discuss LSAT preparation, law school applications, and law school expectations.

Student Government Association (SGA)
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The Student Government Association (SGA) is the governing body of the students. SGA tackles campus issues, plans events, and works to make Curry College the best it can be for students.

Politics and History Faculty News
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Congratulations to members of the Curry politics and history faculty for their on-going professional accomplishments!

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Check out these helpful websites for students pursuing a major in politics and history.


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