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Curry College students in various stages of scientific research in and out of the labOne of the hallmarks of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics programs at Curry College is the incorporation of undergraduate research into the curriculum. Students participating in these programs conduct real-world research in collaboration with members of our award-winning faculty. Students present their research at department capstone events, the College’s annual Academic Forum, and professional conferences throughout their college careers.

Why Get Involved in Scientific Research?

Studies have shown that students who participate in authentic research experiences feel a greater sense of belonging in the scientific community. And faculty research advisors have the potential to write the most impactful recommendation letters for students pursuing careers in STEM or post-baccalaureate educational experiences including graduate and medical school.

The Curry Advantage: Research at Smaller Colleges vs. Larger Institutions

At larger institutions with graduate programs:

  • Undergraduates compete with full-time graduate students, post-docs, and staff scientists and other undergrads for laboratory research opportunities
  • Little to no one-on-one attention from the professor

...vs. smaller colleges with mostly undergraduate programs (like Curry!):

  • Research is conducted solely by undergraduate students - there are so many opportunities to get involved
  • Since there are no post-doc or graduate students, you will work closely with and get to know your professors
  • AND, not all small colleges have robust research programs with state-of-the-art facilities like we do here at Curry!

Advice for Students Seeking Research Opportunities

  • Think about what you're interested in, and communicate that with your professors! You might surprise yourself and collaborate to come up with a really cool project.
  • Take advantage of opportunities given to you to practice in the field BEFORE you graduate to gain valuable hands-on experience.
  • Work collaboratively with your professors and embrace the chance to take the lead on projects when given the opportunity (but don’t be afraid to ask for help).
  • Work towards achieving your goals, but don’t miss out on opportunities to venture out of your comfort zone like presenting at conferences or applying for internships.

Life-Changing Opportunities Await

Start with a foundation in the liberal arts. Add attentive faculty and countless opportunities to learn by doing. That’s what you’ll get with a bachelor’s degree from Curry. Learn what’s waiting for you today.