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Leaders. Mentors. Professionals.

Our hard-working, engaged students are the heart and soul of Curry College, and everything we do is focused on their success on campus and beyond.

That commitment to our students starts with our faculty, who bring a wealth of real-world experience and diverse perspectives to the classrooms, studios, and labs on campus.

The result is a well-prepared alumni base of over 15,000 strong, employed in organizations large and small around the globe, developing the next generation of leaders in the classroom, caring for patients in operating rooms and healthcare facilities, spreading news and entertainment in front of the camera and behind the microphone, volunteering and serving their communities, and much more!

Engaged, Career-focused Students

Alexa Hinton '23

Alexa Hinton '23: Public Relations

Alexa Hinton '23 wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to do with her major in communication when she came to Curry, due to the many concentration options offered in the program. After taking some classes and having the chance to explore those options, Alexa found that a concentration in public relations would best align with her goal to work in corporate communication or human resources after Curry.

Amanda Wood

Amanda Wood '22: Psychology

With hopes of one day becoming a school psychologist, Amanda Wood ’22, a Psychology major with a minor in education from Tokyo, Japan, chose Curry College to help put that plan into action. 

Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson '24: Sport and Recreation Management

Sport and recreation management major Anthony Johnson '24 is on track to learn and explore a career as a tennis coach, an outlook that will center on his love for the sport. When he is not playing and training for the Curry Men's Tennis team, he coaches young students at the Franklin Park Tennis Association and Sportsmen’s Tennis & Enrichment Center.

Kelsey LaRose

Kelsey LaRose '22: Biochemistry

Growing up, Kelsey LaRose ’22 always enjoyed science. But it was at Curry where she discovered a love for math and chemistry, subjects that she often struggled with in high school. Now, she’s a calculus tutor and conducts new research in the state-of-the-art Science and Research Center. 

Mathieu Gokas

Mathieu Gokas: 5th Year MBA '22

As a 5th Year MBA candidate, Mathieu Gokas '21, MBA '22 is on his way to earning two degrees in just five years. While an undergraduate at Curry, he narrowed his career interests to marketing, project management and sales. Yet, he says he’s gained much more from his classes than the ins and outs of the business world. 

Gladys Flores

Gladys Flores '22: Criminal Justice

An aspiring police officer, criminal justice major Gladys Flores ’22 selected Curry College for its small class sizes and warm, genuine community. “My experiences at Curry have been transformative. Throughout my time, I have been challenged academically, and through every obstacle, it has taught me new things about myself and what I can do.”

Ardani Mello-Daigneault

Ardani Mello-Daigneault ’23: Education

When Ardani Mello-Daigneault '23 was considering schools, he knew he wanted to stay close to home in Brookline. But he selected Curry for more than its proximity. The College offered a small close community, a stellar education program, and with PAL, a unique team of people and tools to support students with learning disabilities.

Michael Pellegrini ’22: Accounting

Michael Pellegrini ’22: Accounting

In the summer of 2021, accounting major and finance minor Michael Pellegrini ’22 skipped the pool and jumped instead into the world of finance and investments as a client services intern with leading global investment manager MFS Investment Management.

Kat Neal '23

Kat Neal '23: Biochemistry

In the summer of 2021, Biochemistry major Kat Neal ’23 received real-world research experience through the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Tufts University. The Building Diversity in Biomedical Sciences program offers a ten week, mentored research experience for students interested in pursuing future PhD or MD/PhD studies.

Jesse Cinquini '22

Jesse Cinquini '22: Communication

In the spring of 2021, the New York Knicks clinched a playoff spot for the first time in nearly a decade and Jesse Cinquini '22 was among a team of sportswriters covering the historic event. The basketball enthusiast and communication major works as a features writer for The Knicks Wall and contributes to SB Nation's Grizzly Bear Blues, covering the Memphis Grizzlies and CelticsBlog, covering the Boston Celtics, among other news outlets.

Hailey DeCoffe '21, M.Ed '22

Hailey DeCoffe '21: Education (M.Ed '22)

Supporting social-emotional learning for middle school students is critical to academic success, according to research led by Hailey DeCoffe '21 M.Ed '22. In the summer of 2021, Hailey presented her findings to roughly 1,300 aspiring educators at the Educators Rising Annual National Conference. The virtual event brought together hundreds of high school students from across the U.S. who aspire to join the education field and enter undergraduate teacher education programs.

Nicole Bousquet ’21, Communication/PR

Nicole Bousquet ’21: Communication/PR

In her public relations internship at Hollywood Agency, a nationally recognized PR and integrated communications firm based in Hingham, Mass., Nicole Bousquet ’21 got an inside look at agency life and decided it’s her desired path after graduation.

Rachel Dumond '21, Biochemistry

Rachel Dumond '21: Biochemistry

Rachel Dumond '21, a biochemistry major, was accepted to the Alpert Medical School at Brown University, which admits roughly two percent of applications for approximately 140 students per class.

Devin Gatto, Kristy MacDougall, and Bella Shields

Gatto, MacDougall and Shields '21: Criminal Justice

Seniors Devin Gatto, Kristy MacDougall, and Bella Shields added the title of academic author to their resumes in the spring of 2021. The three joined Dr. Jen Balboni to research and publish a new analysis of the deaths of Philandro Castile and Ahmaud Arbery that will be featured in the 2022 edition of the Encyclopedia on the History of American Racial Violence.

Josh Goldstein '21

Josh Goldstein '21: Business

Josh Goldstein ’21 was among a select cohort of 25 students - including peers from Boston College, Bentley University, Babson College, College of the Holy Cross, Princeton University, Yale University, and the University of Southern California – that worked this summer with global investment banking and wealth management leader, UBS Financial Services.

Aviva Hollander ’23: PAL/Sociology

Aviva Hollander ’23: PAL/Sociology

Aviva Hollander ’23 believes that Curry PAL students are uniquely equipped to manage new challenges due to the ongoing pandemic. “We automatically work harder to get through our classes because of our learning disabilities. I think PAL students are already adapting to a world that wasn’t made for us."

Jenn McCarriston ’22

Jenna McCarriston ’22: Criminal Justice

When the coronavirus pandemic kept police officers from their day-to-day community outreach, some turned to social media as a platform to read and share books with children in their district. This neighborly outreach has seen wide adoption among police departments across the country, including in Lynn, Mass, where Jenna McCarriston ’22 spearheaded the new “Lynn Badges and Books” literacy program.

Ismae Bailey '21

Ismae Bailey '21: Forensic Science and Biology

Ismae Bailey, a double major in Forensic Science and Biology, has worked diligently to achieve her dream of becoming a forensic pathologist. Between a full schedule of academics, student government, and community service work, Ismae returns home to Las Vegas every summer and winter break to shadow the Coroner at the Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Tristan Paredes ’21

Tristan Paredes ’21: 5th Year Master's in Criminal Justice

Intending to become a police officer, as a high school senior, Tristan Paredes selected Curry College for its first-class criminal justice program, small class sizes, and the unique support model provided by the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL). Now, four years later, the senior is gaining a head start on his career in blue by earning both his undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in five years, saving on both tuition and time.

Catherine Fitzgerald ’23: Criminal Justice

Catherine Fitzgerald ’23: Criminal Justice

Leading online news platform BostInno recently released its annual 25 Under 25 Awards List, which honors some of the brightest young minds of 2020 in Massachusetts. Among the list of exceptional Boston teen and college-age technologists and entrepreneurs from prestigious institutions including Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, and Tufts, is Curry College student Catherine Fitzgerald.

Mackenzie Rider '21

Mackenzie Rider '21: Sociology and Biology

As a first-year student, Mackenzie Rider started her career at Curry College as a biology major, with the goal of studying dental medicine. But soon, the commuter student from Attleboro discovered a broader journey at the College, filled with the exploration of new interests, opportunities, and experiences. She found a new passion in sociology, and now as a double major has forged forward with as many of her interests as possible.

Zoltan Eross '21: 5th Year MBA

Zoltan Eross '21: 5th Year MBA

For Zoltan Eross ’20, the decision to continue graduate school at Curry in the 5th Year MBA Program was a “win-win-win” decision. Getting a Master of Business Administration degree meant he would expand his job prospects, advance his collegiate ice hockey career, and gain new training from his favorite faculty mentors.

Taylor Shaughnessy '22: Business Administration

Taylor Shaughnessy '22: Business Administration

“I knew I wanted to study business and that I work best in a small classroom setting. I wanted a school that could ensure I would have one-on-one time with professors, and I like the ability to ask questions frequently in class or get any additional support,” says Plymouth native Taylor Shaughnessy. “I also wanted to stay close to home and my family so that on any given weekend, I could buzz home. Curry was a perfect fit.”

Lillie Acoff '21: Sociology

Lillie Acoff '21: Sociology

By the time Lillie Acoff entered Curry College as a First-Year student, she was already making an impact in her community in Boston, working with families affected by domestic violence. Now, a Sociology major, she’s bringing her passion for making a difference to campus as an orientation leader, a resident assistant, and a mentor for students of color.

Proud, Successful Alumni

Monique Magras '21

Monique Magras '21: Education

She may have just finished her studies as a new college graduate, but Monique Magras is returned to the classroom immediately in the summer of 2021. The young Curry alumna was selected as part of the 2021 cohort of the Teach for America program, one of the largest K-12 educational nonprofits dedicated to creating equity in education. 

Diane Carugati ’78: Psychology

Diane Carugati ’78: Psychology

Diane Carugati ’78 has devoted her career to advocating for the health of women in crisis. Immediately after graduating from Curry College, Diane Carugati moved to Cape Cod. It was there that she landed the job that would manifest itself into a lifelong calling.

Bob Arnesen ’93

Bob Arnesen ’93: Business

As a business student studying marketing and finance, Bob Arnesen ’93 never initially pictured himself in the life sciences industry. Still, the sales and business development leader started in healthcare early in his career and never turned back. What he enjoys most about his work as Co-Founder and President of eClinical Solutions is helping customers reach their goals, and as he says, “connect the dots.” 

Teryk Jang-Lapchak '20

Teryk Jang-Lapchak '20: Biology

In late 2020, biology major Teryk Jang-Lapchak ’20 joined the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, a nation-leading biomedical and genomic research center located in Cambridge, Mass., as a Process Development Associate.

Dr. Zachary Gross

Dr. Zachary Gross '11: Community Health & Wellness

Dr. Zachary Gross started his dream role this summer as a geriatric and internal medicine physician at Cape Cod Healthcare and Perfect Health, Inc., a primary care practice that offers visits to seniors in their homes. Still, he says his path to realize his aspiration of becoming a practicing physician today wasn't a straight one; he would describe it as a journey with a zig or zag along the way. Dr. Gross whole-heartedly believes his success in medicine today ties directly to his time at Curry College. 

Tiana Delano '20 - Psychology

Tiana Delano '20: Psychology

As a first-year student, Tiana Delano '20 was 'terrified' to speak in class or in front of others. Yet recently, the former psychology major made history as the first recent graduate to present on her undergraduate research at the 2020 Annual World Congress on Learning Disabilities Conference.

Brenda Perez ’04 recently made history in the Brockton Police Department. She was officially sworn in as the first female police lieutenant in the summer of 2020.

Brenda Perez '04: MACJ

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice alumna Brenda Perez ’04 recently made history in the Brockton Police Department. She was officially sworn in as the first female police lieutenant by Mayor Robert Sullivan and Police Chief Manny Gomes in the summer of 2020.

Katherine Tenney '20

Katherine Tenney '20: Nursing

During her clinical rotations in Boston, then-School of Nursing student Katherine Tenney '20 began to notice how few grocery stores were located in urban neighborhoods throughout the city. Areas without direct access to whole grains or fresh produce are known as "food deserts." As part of her work in the Honors Program, Tenney researched and wrote the journal article, "Food Insecurity and Implications for Nursing Practice," which was recently accepted to be published by the professional journal, Imprint!, produced by the National Student Nurses' Association.

Courtney Lee '17: Communication

Courtney Lee '17: Communication

Courtney Lee is making it happen as the WFIRST Social Media and Outreach Coordinator and Video Producer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. But when she started at Curry, she wasn’t even sure what “it” was. “My senior year of high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I thought, ‘I’m good at talking and I like celebrities! I want to do something in broadcasting.’ ”

Elton Silva '14: Business and Communication

Elton Silva '14: Business and Communication

As an advisor of strategic product development at CVS Health, Elton Silva helps the company analyze how they can better the lives of their patients with the greatest needs. "The importance of time management and prioritization are two consistent themes that can be found in my work at CVS Health. Completing a dual degree, working several on campus jobs, and interning at various companies are what helped me perfect time management and prioritization.”

Peter Esposito '88: Communication

Peter Esposito '88: Communication

One of those responsible for bringing golf to millions of living rooms for the past two decades is Peter Esposito ’88, Director of Live Tournaments for the Golf Channel since 1997. “A month after I graduated from Curry, I got a full-time job at ESPN. I can’t stress enough how important my internships were for my career.”

Accomplished, Accessible Faculty

Emily Howe

Emily Howe: Music

With funding awarded from the Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation, Ethnomusicologist and Curry Music Faculty Member Emily Howe will travel to Trinidad and Tobago in the summer of 2022 to research music, cultural performance, and festival in the Caribbean nation.

Dr. Michelle McMahon: Dean, School of Nursing

Dr. Michelle McMahon: Dean, School of Nursing

Michelle McMahon, Ph.D., R.N., CNE, became Dean of the School of Nursing in 2021. Dr. McMahon, a renowned nurse educator, scholar, and 13-year veteran of the College, has been a leader in the School of Nursing as professor and director of the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program. She has spearheaded many new and successful endeavors for the School, including expanding nursing programs on the Plymouth campus, advancing MSN curriculum design and driving new faculty development initiatives.

Ken Carberry '80

Ken Carberry '80: COM/Radio

As an undergraduate majoring in communication, Ken Carberry was very involved in the on-air sound and operations at the Curry College student-led radio station, WMLN-FM. Today, after four decades leading in the Boston broadcast radio industry, Carberry has returned to campus as the interim director of the radio program.

Dr. Lindsay Illich, Writing professor

Dr. Lindsay Illich: Writing

Outside of her work teaching creative writing and leading Curry's Writing Program, Dr. Lindsay Illich is a published poet. Her most recent poetry collection, Fingerspell, was published by Black Lawrence Press in 2021. She's also released a new book with the National Council of Teachers of English to help high school teachers integrate contemporary poetry within their English curriculum.

Dr. Eric Weiser - Psychology professor/chair

Dr. Eric Weiser: Psychology

The biggest source of stress for Americans in 2021 is money problems, according to personal finance website WalletHub. Professor of Psychology Dr. Eric Weiser was recently featured on WalletHub to offer tips for reducing stress over finances.

Dr. Ishani Tewari

Dr. Ishani Tewari: Business

Incorporating current events and news has always been a focus in Dr. Ishani Tewari's economics courses. But when COVID-19 brought economic activity to a near standstill, the Assistant Professor of Business knew she had a unique teaching opportunity.

Dr. Mia Khera: Psychology

Dr. Mia Khera: Psychology

"Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Many have been comforted and inspired by these famous words from the television icon, Mr. Fred Rogers. But in Curry College’s Psychology department, Dr. Gagan “Mia” Khera (pictured left) doesn’t just look for the helpers. She creates them.