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Criminal Justice and Sociology

Dr. Jeffrey Carson, Curry College Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology

With intelligence and research roles with the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Defense in his background, Dr. Jeffrey Carson has seen firsthand that more criminal justice professionals are needed to help address complex and sophisticated white-collar crimes such as fraud, cybercrime, and identity theft.

"Most institutions provide a cookie-cutter curriculum, and as a result, we do not have enough criminal justice programs that are producing knowledgeable graduates in the field of white-collar crime,” says Dr. Carson. "It can be a niche division in the industry, and even the professionals with backgrounds in criminal justice, accounting, or law have to learn as they go on the job."

To help make Curry students more competitive in the market, Carson and his colleagues led the development of a new white-collar crime minor at the College, where students will be prepared to sit for certified fraud examination certification before certified fraud examiners prior to graduating, as well as the development of a new intelligence and research analysis concentration within the Master’s of Criminal Justice program.

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Carson is adamant about integrating industry practice within his curriculum. "My approach to teaching is rooted in my work as a practitioner. All of the courses are designed to help students build new skills and market themselves to a potential employer or within their existing department."

Following high school, Carson enlisted in the military and served at bases in Italy, Turkey, Africa, and Greece. He then studied political science and government at The Ohio State University. In addition to his roles in government, Carson also published research on the Obama foreign policy in Afghanistan during his time with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank founded at Georgetown University.

Before joining Curry in 2019, Carson taught at Suffolk University and Boston College, and currently serves as an Assistant Professor at The U.S. Military Academy West Point.